• Blacklite District 6 months ago

    Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out the new video. It’s been an honor to collaborate with Raininator on this series. Who wants to see us do more videos together in the future?! Check out new music on our channel! Rock on!

  • ardan nailul atho 6 months ago

    Please aplod part 5

  • Team Rainimator 6 months ago

    Fake rainimator :’)
    What happened to herobrine?

  • DJ Ren 6 months ago

    Why did he died??!!! Hope theres a next part of this video

  • güneş okulu çiçeği 6 months ago


  • Kenai Mahitra 6 months ago


  • daniel BOBADILA 6 months ago

    Is he alive i want them alive

  • ivan11_YT gaming 6 months ago

    For real i thought they were only friends!

  • Thess Manio 6 months ago

    will you come back to you boyfriend plz if you dont come back i will die plz mi so sad

  • Michelle animation 6 months ago

    It’s really sad

  • Adolfo Cruz 6 months ago

    Make the docter go to the nether and revive both of them so they can fight herobrine

  • XDarkesX 6 months ago

    I wish they had died but on the other side of the epic muse but could also heal it: €

  • Alma Tursic 6 months ago

    Dead in love

  • Alexander Claveria 6 months ago

    Ranimator please make next animition

  • Kirk Danyael Dionisio 6 months ago

    Parang kulang

  • Channel Teamfour 6 months ago

    I was think that when that guy destroy the staff ,the girl will back to normal,now the girl and that guy die together?What are you thinking

  • Channel Teamfour 6 months ago

    Rainimator,please tell me that not true😫😫

  • dark corners 6 months ago

    hi your channel is super and the song very nice and i sub channel and can sub my channel pls 😘😘😢🖒🖒👌✌🤘👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Zakata BG 6 months ago

    But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuu😢😢😥😥

  • marky ragasajo 6 months ago

    Him VS Her two of them dies But at the ending it was so cool because rainamator sorry if spelled it wrong he was like huging her but so sad

  • the best craft 6 months ago

    Why radapedaxa love that girl?
    That girls so cute and your lover

  • the best craft 6 months ago

    The struggle is gone your lover

  • OskarGamer11 XD 6 months ago

    Plsss more you are the best plsss make a next vidio i love this

  • the best craft 6 months ago

    Where part 5 i wahana wait the part 5

  • foxy fantom 6 months ago

    y does this had to end like that?i h8 mah lyfe atleast make a season two so we all can be happy 🙂

  • BAGAS_ 27GAMING 6 months ago

    Ada pacarnya odo :v

  • James Howard 6 months ago

    Can you make this series continue?

  • the best craft 6 months ago

    Pls don’t die a heart attack

  • Ken Pang Pang 6 months ago

    so sad ;c

  • nuralif ai 6 months ago

    Rada can u make Another of this?

  • Dina Mariana 6 months ago

    kak bikin sedih aja

  • Edna Gamer 6 months ago


  • Zaidan _GamersYT 6 months ago

    is there part 5 too?.. please make the part 5 i guess

  • The Moore Family 6 months ago

    Ok so rainamator, since u must make part five here’s a plot twist! The doctor blue girl person finds them and heals them, rain isn’t dead but the girl is rlly In pain trying to like get healed from da deamon. And rain is rlly mad so he goes to get revenge on Herobrine. Then the girl wakes up and is healed after he leaves to kill Herobrine so she follows him and finds him injured and can’t fight by himself so rain and the girl (his girlfriend) attack Herobrine and almost kill him but he teleports away with his diamond pickaxe! Pls like so rainamator can she this! 😁😁😁

  • Gilbert Jordan 6 months ago

    Can you continue the video cause i love it the story is about struggle right

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