Blaze asks the most awkward questions…

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  • ShadowTaleDubs! 7 months ago

    aph when are you gonna tell everyone about you…..being….a werewolf? I’m a werewolf too but i hid it soo i know Still Tell everyone your a werewolf!

    Liking my own comment

  • Sketch gurl 100 X3 7 months ago


  • k̸m̸s̸i̸n̸g̸ 7 months ago

    The 4th wall has been broken

  • Zoey B. 7 months ago

    EWWWWW blaze chan is GROSS! like I like blaze and all but when it comes to love he’s better off with Dottie

  • Kitty101 :3 7 months ago


  • Daniela Perez 7 months ago

    R.I.P Headphone users

  • Silent Potatoe 7 months ago

    ZANE SHIP KAWAII CHAN OR BLAZE SHIP KAWAII CHAN?? ( Dont use dottie ship blaze)

  • destiny_4_realz 7 months ago

    Garroty: I especially “garrothed” your life
    Me: Great pun… Just not good enough for aph to give you a punishment

  • Chad Davis 7 months ago

    I must see kawaii~Chans parents

  • Kitty101 :3 7 months ago


  • DiamondLover 001 7 months ago

    Aph I’m saying this for aaalll the Zane~Chans out there…
    Please please ppppllllleeeeeaaaaasssseeee don’t make Blaze~Chan a thing I get that it’s you’re role play but you’re playing with my hart strings you made them date but then Blaze wants to kiss CK? I don’t understand !!??

    Like if you agree…….. ………

  • Alexa Cadarette 7 months ago

    when aphmau screams it’s priceless! 😂

  • Kristy Sealock 7 months ago

    I was growling so much when I saw the thumbnail I thought blaze was gonna kiss kawaii Chan and Zane was gonna kill him and garroth is gonna eat popcorn and watch the tight and aphmau will be squeeling because she supports Zane Chan so much and that Zane is fighting for her and I support Zane Chan as much as aphmau and I’m over reacting a lil ok I’ll stop

  • Erik Blanton 7 months ago

    Aaron looks so funny in the glasses 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MithThe R 7 months ago

    What mod maker her hair thicker and eye different ?

  • Mickey Playz 7 months ago

    Who else screamed when Aph did…..No oh I think it was only me 😂

  • Little _Wolf 7 months ago

    *gets rice crispy puts a pound a sugar then taste*needs more*pours another pound*

    Rice crispy do need sugar but not as much as a pound mabey

  • Funtime Family 7 months ago

    Hey Blaze stay away from Kawai Chan because Zane and kawai chan are together because if you don’t. I will get the knife and KILL YOU 😈 ok ok oh and. Make a video about Zane be mad at blaze do you know who I want in the video? Kawai chan and Zane and blaze ok 😈😈😈💛😈💛

  • ocean Underlord 7 months ago

    Blaze got an achivment for takeing inventory with kawaii chan

  • Bonnie Scholl 7 months ago

    I got really mad when garroth said aph was a good kisser in highschool cuz aph is MEANT to be with Aaron

  • Kate Callaway 7 months ago

    Katgrint kate pamgraint

  • Olivia Hanna 7 months ago

    Blaze X Garroth I’m Telling you but then Lawrence gets Jelllly

  • TJ Rubix 7 months ago

    Did anyone else get the reference when Blaze Called Garroth Butterboat??? I swear he said it in an earlier minigame episode XD Also, while I’m a huge Garrance Shipper, am I the only one who loves the bromance between Blaze and Garroth??? 😂😂😂

  • MimiRocky 7 months ago

    Omi I add wayyy to much sugar to my rice krispee breakfeast

  • Allisons Story's 7 months ago

    KC has been pretty quiet during mini games lately

  • Cloudburst gaming 7 months ago

    Blaze~Chan <3

  • Delfina Arias 7 months ago

    in the picture when I pick this video it looked like blaze was about to kiss kawaii chan ! 😮

  • Kit kitty gamer 7 months ago

    I was watching this at 2 am and woke my whole house up

  • Alex YT 7 months ago

    That scream tho 😂👌🏻

  • Yeffrey Garcia 7 months ago


  • EdieLouise 7 months ago

    Rice Krispys are much better that Life (cereal and actual life)

    Rice Krispys (normal, not added sugar) is my favorite cereal

  • Yeah I can draw 7 months ago

    “I am fully moisturized.”
    ~Garroth 2k17

    Like if you agree this was hilarious! 😂

  • lil vintage 7 months ago


  • BluFox 3170 7 months ago

    I actually ship blaze x pinkie I mean kawaii chan and blaze x butter boat and blaze x Daniel and blaze x dottie dang blaze I ship you with lots of homo-sapiens

  • Fury Fiara 7 months ago

    Hahahahaha if Zane finds out that Blaze said those words Blaze will die LOL

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