• BeastlyBelew 3 weeks ago

    the thumbnail is very graphic for a family friendly channel

  • ShadowKnightMC 3 weeks ago


  • Titus Pettiford 3 weeks ago

    #more UHC

  • 09CheeseCake 3 weeks ago

    I did not like the outro

  • GoldenMaster - Minecraft,Tutorials, & More 3 weeks ago


  • Diego Llanos 3 weeks ago

    1001th like :l

  • Camia Allen yt 3 weeks ago

    #Lost4Ever!!!!♡♡♡♡:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Elias Rodriguez 3 weeks ago


  • Memo Jr 3 weeks ago

    I’m sorry Megan Zack you big fat jerk

  • Kat Louise 3 weeks ago

    OMG xD

  • Big Bear Gaming 3 weeks ago


  • THAT guy. 3 weeks ago


  • Jb Larry 3 weeks ago

    Kat should become a member of proper dumies and start a channel also

  • JaceKaden Nance 3 weeks ago


  • Angel Rangel 3 weeks ago

    Wtf u yelled so loud u made my ears buzz

  • Dawn Vasquez 3 weeks ago



  • gaming withcats 3 weeks ago

    Can you do more regular murder mystery? Ty

  • Rose Gamer and Unboxer 3 weeks ago


  • Lavender Cat 3 weeks ago

    At 13:11 my ears died…
    But I still love your vids😆😘😍😄😉 also r.i.p. Kat’s fotage

  • the flash awesomeness 3 weeks ago


  • NRG Blue Jay 3 weeks ago

    Megan is Zach’s ZOM-BAE

  • Diamond Moreno 3 weeks ago

    Subscribe to kat Louise her link wasn’t in the bio show her love I subscribed to her she makes awesome content

  • Ia Rae 3 weeks ago


  • Kyle Tran 3 weeks ago

    I wasmhere for Ryan or Ash or both, but no ash or ryan sooo I am not watching.


  • Camia Allen yt 3 weeks ago


  • Amanda Campbell 3 weeks ago

    13:12 R.I.P headphone users… ;( My ear drums

  • Silver Arc 3 weeks ago


  • Tim Barnett 3 weeks ago

    Someones footage is always lost lol

  • Anaya Morris 3 weeks ago


  • Lukas Scythe 3 weeks ago

    Dommies Can you please make a rp series of dragon Ball with the dragon block c mode?

  • Icelyn Dash 2 weeks ago

    Headphone WARNING

  • Elyse Crofts 2 weeks ago

    #RipKatsFootage #Lost4Ever

  • Emerald Playz 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice Zach scream BEKFAST BEKFAST BEKFAST!!!

  • Emerald Playz 2 weeks ago

    13:12 Why is everyone complaining about how “loud” it was, it wasn’t even that loud.😐

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