• Piper Smith 2 weeks ago

    What is your enemy watches your videos

  • Nigel's Videos 2 weeks ago

    Go SB

  • Iguankies 2 weeks ago

    THANK YOU for putting your resources in your ender chest! (Pet Peeve)

  • Aiden Jaynor 2 weeks ago

    Sb737 can you friend request me I wanna play hide n seek

  • Aiden Jaynor 2 weeks ago

    My name is brotherpower13 anyone wanna have fun on minecraft request me xbox 360 no xbox one

  • LinkzArrow260 2 weeks ago

    sb thank you so much for doing my challenge and happy new year!

  • Manilla Tasty 2 weeks ago

    That final kill was epic

  • Billie Jo Powers 2 weeks ago

    When he was just like “how did u fall” I’m just like “u knocked him there

  • Dylan Krip 2 weeks ago

    SN, you have to do more of these videos please

  • your name is fishy

  • GAME ON 2 weeks ago

    SB737 please respond to this please make s vlog channel

  • Man of Bat 2 weeks ago


  • MrDurber 2 weeks ago

    Cool vid sb and i love your vids

  • SB747 SB747 2 weeks ago

    can u do an emerald and iron challenge and can only use thos e

  • Jenni Borg 2 weeks ago

    Happy New year SB!

  • Jdog Simpson 2 weeks ago

    My next topic at school is ww

  • Joel Eames Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Sb play bed wars in bed and crouch on micecraft

  • Blizzard The Husky 2 weeks ago

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  • C A R O L I N A Κ α ρ ο λ ί ν α 2 weeks ago

    sb hi

  • Maciej Biegański 2 weeks ago

    LOL! XD SB737 =😎

  • SqueakySquirrel 2 weeks ago

    “I hope you die” lol SB nice thing to say

  • alvin anober 2 weeks ago

    Who was here in 120 views

  • Vinodp Persaud 2 weeks ago

    Can you change the texture pack to the normal texture pack

  • Joanne Newell 2 weeks ago

    Wi are you ima

  • Simon Kerr 2 weeks ago

    Awspme world

    Edit: Awsome

    Were is it

  • Mojang Master8000 2 weeks ago

    Love the outro music!!

  • Dark Choco Spy 2 weeks ago

    sb did you know that you are on the bed wars leaderboards in top 100 players I’m not sure which category though but i know you are on there

  • samson vlogs and more fun 2 weeks ago

    SB I like these type of videos pls do more

  • LeqitPoishii Designs 2 weeks ago

    Watch Poishii or minimichecker xou have lost to learn

  • Gamer X 2 weeks ago

    this was the funniet video i have ever seen in my life
    GOOD JOB SB !!!!!!!

  • Ken Gamer 2 weeks ago

    He’s just standing there not fighting but sb is bad at pvp so he was bad anyway so he was watching him fail

  • Jo Hulls 2 weeks ago

    I Love Bedwar I play Here at

  • Hcrse Minecraft 2 weeks ago


  • Tammy Ganulin 2 weeks ago

    Knock back hero

  • Luke Marshall 2 weeks ago

    I love you sb

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