• Temper Tapia 10 months ago

    the bottom where you guys keep falling into, just make a big platform. And a one block high pool so you guys stop dying so much
    p.s there’s a little sword next to your hotbar so you know when to hit a mob.

  • SirMcSlushy 10 months ago

    I wonder how long it’ll take for Gavin and whoever else to realize you can’t spam click attacks anymore, considering the combat changes in the update 😛

  • Anti Venom 10 months ago

    1: make mob Farm door 3 high. 2: place normal door and then block above door to spawn villager. 3: put villager at starr of bridge to lure Mobs out. 4: get rid of two blocks at the start so mobs fall onto the spike platform. Automatic mob farm in 4 steps

  • Anti Venom 10 months ago

    What if you point the fan up??

  • Ziggy Villieldr 10 months ago

    15:09 I played back 5 times and still laughed my ass off every time.

  • Ziggy Villieldr 10 months ago

    I want a poison patrol t-shirt PLEASE

  • Kat KittyCatInBlue 10 months ago

    5:11 *Gasp* “BABY GUUDE!”

  • Jeffrey Espinosa 10 months ago

    One of my favorite series they make

  • Jeffrey Espinosa 10 months ago

    Don’t ever let Gavin have nice things in games.

  • Naomi Frost 10 months ago

    You can grow cocoa beans on jungle tree stumps

  • Andy Lam 10 months ago

    They should just get rid of the old mob spawn area and use Jack’s. And the mobs way down below are getting up the waterfall.

  • MikanPachi 10 months ago

    that moment when gavin knows kurt and sethbling but not crainer

  • Jack Rand 10 months ago

    Put fucking light at the bottom bottom of ur base where literally all of the enemies are

  • Maddox hawkins 10 months ago

    u guys can make guns and ammo u know

  • Brian Hopson 10 months ago

    when Gavin found out he had a lootbag it sounded like he got a present from Santa.

  • Ben Carson 10 months ago

    Gavin and Geoff are really fucking stupid…

  • Ben Carson 10 months ago

    Especially Geoff.

  • Urankeksbaecker 10 months ago

    Is there some fault in Gavin’s and Jeremy’s brains that makes them incapable of solution-oriented thinking and learning from their mistakes? I mean, how often are they gonna drop off and die trying to attack the mobs instead of thinking on how to make mob farming safer?

  • Mallory Morris 10 months ago

    The really should put torches on the roof of the Mob Spawner. And they should increase the distance for the Item collector, I noticed that there were Items behind the spikes when they first made them a couple of episodes ago.

  • Raymond McOwen 10 months ago

    does anybody know what version of sjyfactory theyre playing and on what launcher?

  • Stephen Blaszczak II 10 months ago

    If you count kid’s medicine as the liquid Amoxicillin; 400mg/5ml; is the bubblegum liquid and that is the good stuff!

  • Annie Stockburger 10 months ago

    It’s the little editing moments in this that make it so much more extra. Like the loot bag sneak in there at 1:33, Gavin’s sneeze wiping across the screen at 22:23, BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH GAVIN at 11:33… and FUCKING POISON PATROL
    Seriously editing on point!

  • HashTagGamerTag 10 months ago

    If God is the Big G, does that make Jesus the Little J?????

  • Anas Ali 10 months ago

    let’s all try to guess how many parts this series will be.
    My Guess is 32 parts.

  • Palmer Teilborg 10 months ago

    Rip ace

  • Zachary Thevis 10 months ago

    If you have a ps4 can you friend me it’s on my channel

  • BeartatoTime 10 months ago

    Some excellent camera work at 27:30!

  • Soulless Wanderer 10 months ago

    The “Take it easy” sound byte is a reference to the Youtuber Direwolf20, who is a popular Minecraft Let’s Player and makes mod showcase videos. He always ends his videos with “take it easy”, so that’s the reference.

  • Brandon 10 months ago

    You need a designated safety inspector to make suRe torches are in place to prevent mob spawns and that your bridges have fences on them lol

  • Stolenbyfriend 10 months ago

    “Why is the Rope Gone?” Because Goeff dumped Water on a Stone Barrel to make Obsidian and the Water Spilled down the Hole in the Floor on the Top Level.. >_< its the Exact Same thing that Happened Last time everyone asked that question.. <_<

  • Don't worry about It 10 months ago

    Make an item called “drying rack” and put rotten flesh. It will turn it into food

  • Blair Short 10 months ago

    New book in the comedy section. “Inventory Management” by Gavin Free

  • Gabriel Esquivel 10 months ago

    Hey Ryan, can you fastforward me some ender pearls?

  • shout out to the editor. the sneeze flying across the screen was great.

  • Henrik Eriksson 10 months ago

    Can someone tell Gavin to make a chest so he can put his shit that he doesn’t use in it.

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