• Jessie Rose 2 weeks ago

    I hate and love this episode

  • Sasuke Trollchiha 2 weeks ago

    1:00:14 You are tearing me apart, Lindsay!

  • VaNtEd more 2 weeks ago

    Geoff you arent bad housband,your wife is a bad wife

  • alex cross 2 weeks ago

    God Lindsay is a strange human

  • Broddiccus 2 weeks ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate that Lindsay has been building that stupid baby murder machine for like 20 episodes?

  • hop mill 2 weeks ago

    Open large chance cubes on top of gavin and michaels apartment

  • Golden Elite10 2 weeks ago

    Gavin “ Retaliation is childish”

  • Connor Heet 2 weeks ago

    Geoff was in creative mode for most of the video, and somehow didnt notice.

  • Chai Tea 2 weeks ago

    Team Nice Dynamite’s Lad Pad!!

  • Joseph Parks 2 weeks ago

    Anyone else notice that Geoff doesnt have a food bar??? Whats up with that?

  • FaithfulAizen 2 weeks ago

    what video did the flat earth society use of Gavins?

  • Erefes Lensefere 2 weeks ago

    Lindsay, I like you, but good god what you created was just plain horrifying ._.’

  • Sillieranimal 2 weeks ago

    Great, more of geoffs self deprecation and jack not shutting the fuck up about politics. I can tolerate geoff but I come here to escape politics, why dont you ask your wifes boyfriend why no one likes you jack.

  • Ishmael O'shane 2 weeks ago

    Do some more halo 5 and do Griff Ball or another one of those mantis in custom games or something

  • Trace Farmer 2 weeks ago

    few people will probably see this comment but I want them to build a stage some go in f1 mode and there be a musical that recreates all the episodes in musical form

  • Daniel Allemeier 2 weeks ago

    Geoff is T.K. Baha from borderlands

  • Bobbydog66 2 weeks ago

    11:17 Always heard it as the chicago line, but then again, I’m from there, so.
    11:22 Oh that’s an entirely separate song.
    18:15 What does one even do with you gavin.
    47:29 Like formica? Like iron eye spongebob?
    55:40 ….this is what lindsay was working on the whole time?! Jebus.

  • Thaumstein 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been following AH and RT so long it feels like my parents are divorcing all over again. It hurts to hear Geoff talk like that.

  • DJ Screw 2 weeks ago

    Fucking Titty Milk Planet lmfao

  • Bilim Adamları 2 weeks ago

    Son videoma yorum atana yemin ederim Mc Pre veriyorum

  • Brian 2 weeks ago

    Geoff needs string…. he’s away from everyone else… Bell let’s talk was the other day. That’s never the option Geoff

  • Chris Piasecki 2 weeks ago

    ” now there’s two Lindsey holes” , I’m really surprised we didn’t get a ” that’s what she said” from Lindsey

  • calebcarlcrouch 2 weeks ago

    Gavin… You are BRITISH! You should know from reading the Harry Potter books that “reparo” is the spell. They just made it more specific for the movie. GOD!

  • acali317 2 weeks ago

    If AH doesn’t introduce Andy into this series as Gavin and Micheals child we riot.

  • Jay Spradley 2 weeks ago


  • Wil Ezekiel 2 weeks ago

    Clearly Gavin does not understand that there is a wealth of fanfiction and fan art of this series
    Solar Queen is everywhere

  • Rodri craft 2 weeks ago

    Suscribanse a mi canal yo hago intro 2D

  • ninjaman5j5 2 weeks ago

    since when did geoff not have a hunger bar?

  • Alez TehCat 2 weeks ago

    Yooo, just noticed the Run The Jewels reference, love ya simple Goeff.

  • The Whosoever 2 weeks ago

    I know Geoff jokes a lot…but are him and griffon divorced

  • AllTheRage147 2 weeks ago

    Lindsay: hello Geoff
    Geoff: ACHOO

    made me laugh more than it probably should’ve

  • TheSkaBouncer 2 weeks ago

    it took Lindsay countless episodes to make… a baby chicken killing machine
    GG Lindsay. GG.

  • Is Geoff seriously moving to LA? Jesus, I gotta start watching the podcast again.

  • Nephilem X 2 weeks ago

    Please please please make a song with jack and Ryan singing a sad song about Geoff and the fatherless chickens

  • thingthing899 2 weeks ago

    “dont touch my drum set” “im gunna put my balls on it” step brothers reference?

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