• Prince Shortie 1 month ago

    this is one of the funniest minecraft videos over the past couple ones

  • Kevin Lawn 1 month ago

    Since Achievement City is unplayable, it’s sad that we’ll never know what that other switch in Jeremy’s house did. Really wanted to see that eventually.

  • Wall Nutt 1 month ago

    Lindsay is like amy schumer.

  • john duncan 1 month ago

    Make YouTube great again! Stop the unnecessary censorship!

  • Hazel Strong 1 month ago

    I keep. Thinking. They say. Cleveland

  • Waz Ho 1 month ago

    Please do another Toreba

  • Karosiv 1 month ago

    Why does is seem like nights in Minecraft last 3x longer than day?

  • Montresor 1 month ago

    Jack, pay for me to go to college.

  • MrSerialX 1 month ago

    Adam Savage, Ben Savage, Fred Savage, Randy Savage and Michael Savage.

  • Ed Musto 1 month ago

    They should do a game where they compete for currency and then they can buy plots of land and special decorations. The better they do the bigger their house

  • TheDeadbison 1 month ago

    Trevor’s Ringgo impression made my day

  • Pongze Lor 1 month ago

    The bleeps are pretty funny, but the sound makes me feel like I’m a psychopath in a white room and can’t get out.

  • Hopefully this’ll be a good series reboot or something like that.

  • Madeblind 1 month ago

    ”Oh ok, there is people getting cooked behind me”…i don’t know why but lol 20:05

  • EmmaValenza 1 month ago

    it amazes me how entitled some of the “fans” are about what they can do/ say/ who can be in videos/ what they can talk about/ etc.

    I’m sure they’d consider legitimate suggestions, but to the stupid troll comments I’ve seen over and over again for years- they don’t give a shit about you or your feelings! If these people have watched AH, they realize that they’re gunna put out what they want to put out, and whoever doesn’t like it can leave (I’m sure Michael would give you the middle finger on the way out too). There is still an audience that watches their stuff, and their subscriber count is still growing!

    Lindsay is still in videos (in fact the amount she’s in has grown since she started appearing in them). Everyone In these videos are liberal, so no, they’re not just going to stop talking about it because some whiny internet commenter decided they don’t like it. They legitimately don’t care, so stop acting like angrily typing out every little negative thought you have on every single video is going to make them care. If you feel strongly enough to comment the same shit over and over again on different videos “jack should stop being so political!!!!1111” then maybe you should stop watching if it’s bothering you that much. (Sorry this is long, I got mad reading through the toxic sludge that are the comments on this video )

  • Sapphirelia 1 month ago

    33:37 The censored part didn’t even make me mad lol. I was in stitches xD
    Edit: BTW the word they censored was Negroid, so their discussion was prolly followed by some racist talk.

  • Devdevv 1 month ago

    47:00 Clever Geoff.

  • SynDerLife _ 1 month ago

    and so the double crafting table shenanigans of achievement hunter continues……

  • Lev Myskin 1 month ago

    Much much much more of this please. Also you should lead an Achievement Army into the Hell Cave to destroy its evil inhabitants this insuring the safety of your new province.

  • Drancosqui 401 1 month ago


  • Victor Palacios 1 month ago

    You guys need someone that doesn’t completely suck at building like me

  • SlapNDash 1 month ago

    Why the hell do they like 90 people Let’s Plays? They’re always so much better with 3-4 people.

  • Xenphenik 1 month ago

    If they posted the uncensored versions I would become a first member

  • QKumber94 1 month ago

    Trevor absolutely had first dibs and Gavin is trying to take over just to make a shithole of a house. I hereby find Gavin guilty of griefing and he shall be sentenced to fuck off. *bangs squeeky toy hammer*

  • SonoLS 1 month ago

    I came home from work…saved some Crown and coke for you. And after a 10 hour day, and four hours of horrid game time…Here we are…..to enjoy the real reason we are all alive…..Thank you again. Cheers and a very happy shot to you crazy ass people! *shot ode to AH and above*

  • Henry Harbison 1 month ago

    Welcome To BleepLand

  • Overripe Llama 1 month ago

    We need ydyd with an actual deadpool system

  • TantalizingMegalodon 1 month ago

    Gavin was actually right about factoids, and none of them realized it, including Gavin.

  • IElRedI 1 month ago

    please use creative, or just use a fan made map and edit that. This is going to take 100 episodes and be boring as fuck along the way. Seems to just be filler content. No purpose to it.

  • LordVulpix 1 month ago

    2 recommended mods. Tinkers Construct just for the tools that actually is quite useful and better then standard tools if they dare look it up. AND Pam’s Harvestcraft to give Jack something to do. Maybe the advanced kitchen mod too from skyfactory so Jack can make his own minecraft restaurant.

  • spazstix66 1 month ago

    So idea for a mini side series on minecraft… Id love to see like in groups of two or three, everyone play tekkit and at the end of a set amount of episodes have a big battle to see who is the best group, would be cool if they all did different mods and built big bases and machines.

  • Cherrys Sandbox 1 month ago

    41:05 windows 10 notification.

  • Bad at Gaming 1 month ago

    33:37-34:52 I’ll bite. What the fuck did y’all say?

  • So if we’re getting a new achievement city, does that were gonna have a new plan G?

  • iWhacko 1 month ago

    soooo.. Lindsay got bullied, and started bullying other people? sounds like a really nice girl… Why are they laughing it off? she’s even more horrible than I thought. 🙁

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