• Chana Prieto 7 months ago

    How old are you not just you kelly, carly, sharky, and little lizard.

  • puppy_eyes 7 months ago

    The toy store vids are always fun!

  • Pink_Imie Girl 7 months ago

    I like 1

  • Ricardo Green 7 months ago

    This is a good show

  • William Afton the security guard 7 months ago

    Indevidibly this is very infortunate for little Kelly

  • Sharon Brown 7 months ago

    were was scuba steve,little donny, dount,baby duck,leah,and baby max

  • Jose Murcia 7 months ago


  • marbelly munguia 7 months ago

    I love little Kelly 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😁

  • Jason Taylor 7 months ago

    i have your skin in micraft I’m a big fan😺😺

  • Jason Taylor 7 months ago

    My dad name is Jason I’m gunnar and I like your videos I’m 7

  • Thomas Sharkey 7 months ago

    Me too

  • Richael Corcoran 7 months ago

    I hate when lil Kelly broke p.s I wish lil Kelly was my mom

  • A Kitten Meow 7 months ago

    Vilagers are idiots they have stupid trades

  • Robert Forrester 7 months ago

    By yam Robert I love your videos

  • Nastars 17 7 months ago

    Guys I met little kelly in roblox

  • David Villavicencio 7 months ago

    i know right

  • Rosie Ruiz 7 months ago

    I will like it😉😉😍😘

  • Cinda Harrold 7 months ago

    im on my mom’s account but LITTLE KELLY you inspired to make me play minecraft and that video that you made about when raven got you a house so im right now trying to make a neighborhood on minecraft!

  • Green Wolf 7 months ago

    How long are u guys going to be toys?

  • wasif khan 7 months ago

    Has anyone ever think that Kelly sounds a bit like wengie????????????????? Like if u agree

  • wasif khan 7 months ago

    How are the not loosing health?😦😦😦😦😦😦😦

  • cutey gamer cat 7 months ago

    is your cosin willow in 2 sun she is my bff

  • wasif khan 7 months ago

    For very smart toys,they r kinda dumb well the shark is 😂

  • Xxshadowx11 7 months ago

    Make a new one

  • Jessica Pham 7 months ago

    F:::k you

  • Mauricia Colley 7 months ago

    IM A BIG FAN!!!

  • Kaiser GraySticks 7 months ago

    YAYYYYY!!!!!!! I luv Disney as well as Kingdom Hearts Sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! Luv how Disney is in here!! And Mickey will never break up with Minnie!!

  • Katelyn Marie 7 months ago


  • _Anime Girl_ 7 months ago

    little Kelly what happened to crazy craft😞 I miss it

  • Lynda Beresford 7 months ago

  • Earl prime Militante 7 months ago

    I. hate. you

  • alleah dicipulo 7 months ago

    hey dont call stupid when your idea is not good

  • Valentina Saleme 7 months ago

    Hi bruh

  • Brianna C 7 months ago

    omg hi I love you guys ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. kiss

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