• fortnitowalama lama 1 week ago


  • Cheery Downylox 1 week ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 I’m so happy your not gone!

  • Alex Diepenbach 1 week ago

    Yeah early keep up the great work martyn love your vids and stay awesome

  • Lachlan :D 1 week ago


  • MistuhT 1 week ago

    EVO is fun to watch again!

  • Kathryn White 1 week ago


  • Cole Butler 1 week ago


  • Zale 1 week ago

    I was hoping for him to leave or still am in order to have a cool sort of redemption arc: aka going off to defeat the dragon alone and almost dying or succeeding and redeeming himself.

  • D4nR3d 1 week ago

    about 30 mins ago i think i got into a game of Darwin project as u as the director my name is: Nadafreet – was i in ur game?

  • Rose • 1 week ago

    “you were asleep for four days” timmy that’s a fucking coma

  • jon rey 1 week ago

    I got arrested for breaking into someones house 🙁 I tried to explain that I was only asking for their coordinates, but it didn’t go down too well, I feel your pain Martyn

  • Tukey 1 week ago

    Martyn its a small detail but the rose is missing on your hot bar!

  • Wolf 1 week ago

    “Give me le shovel” reference from kingdom of the sapplings

  • Caroline Stone 1 week ago

    Love the portal you 2 built, but sounding Aussie, no a fail lol

  • Caroline Stone 1 week ago

    Some one left a dog at Grians think its still there on the wall around the Empire

  • Thomas Ward 1 week ago

    You should cover the lava with glass, just to prevent the inevitable accident.

  • kazza201 1 week ago

    That accent sounds a lot more like New Zealander than Australian

  • SPOONman4000 1 week ago

    iirc 1.7.9 is the last version of Minecraft that the obsidian generator will work in.

  • Zellevia 1 week ago

    I had no idea Martyn used to do parkour! That’s really interesting and inspiring to me as I just started taking lessons earlier this year!

    Btw the whole “when you don’t land right and you get tingly feet” thing is called ground shock! You can experience it just walking too (at least in my experience) but basically it’s when you put weight on the nerve clusters in your foot. Pins and needles is a different thing, that’s just cutting off some of the blood flow then when you stop cutting off the blood flow and you get the sensations back your nerves are just like “woah dude wtf happened”

  • CrazyKitty365 1 week ago

    Poor Martyn Im Happy He’s Back After FOUR DAYS!!! He Must’ve Been In A Coma For The 4 Days

  • Pr0Gam3r26 1 week ago

    Use potions responsibly

    *Splashes each other*

  • Alisha 1 week ago

    As an Aussie, I approve (kinda)

  • Sebastian Wright 1 week ago

    U should do a modded evo do the evolution of mods

  • Garr_Inc 1 week ago

    “Splash responsibly.”
    As if that would ever happen…

  • StoryBlade09 1 week ago

    I an Australian and honestly i think it’s funny more then anything when people try to do an Australian ascent.

  • I Just Subscribed 1 week ago

    Make SB mayor

  • samtrue3 1 week ago

    Hi my name is magnus burnsides and you can call me the hammer wait no just magnus

  • Ironclad Guildhand 1 week ago

    Timmy, buddy, if you hadn’t noticed, people in this series seem to really hate on you and Martyn for only toeing the line whereas Grian, the Mafia bois, and most of the other folk on the server have full on run at FTL speeds past it.

  • Lucas Schmidt 1 week ago

    Did you really get rid of Netty’s flower?
    I don’t know what to think of that…

  • Bad Wolv 1 week ago

    MARTYN! why’d you destroy the lava?

  • Fire Evolution 1 week ago

    Why didnt u pick up the lava

  • Donald Sedig 1 week ago

    NEVER start a splash potion fight in Minecraft.

  • Zeanoss210406 Shadowalker 1 week ago

    No soliderity that wasnt a good impresing

  • CJ Sharp 1 week ago

    i know when to go to the stronghold. it will be at the current version of minecraft

  • GOTHIK188 1 week ago

    Oh yes they can the watchers control everything

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