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  • Brandon Gilmore 4 months ago

    I said jimmy turn it up

  • JADEN 4 months ago

    In stead of watching a netflix series i watch this

  • AirsickBadger 93 4 months ago

    In Mexico some kids dive

  • MASTEROF TNT111 4 months ago

    My teacher cussed me out I don’t cuss but I want to cuss him back but I didn’t

  • NickTheMick 4 months ago

    jerome had 1 mil but the admins took his

  • Dago Gastelum 4 months ago


  • ExalteD 4 months ago

    Kenny you don’t appear as verified in my feed .

  • Ninjaboy123 gaming Lover 4 months ago

    Yo Kenny I am a better pvper than you just kidding you will rekt me if I find and I wouldn’t even lay a hand on you

  • Ninjaboy123 gaming Lover 4 months ago

    I did too

  • i Jessica 4 months ago

    Flo Flo doesn’t know know that he has to go go to the war zone and fix the broke ores

  • Altamis Gadhi 4 months ago

    I think you should make a villager farm next episode

  • Frost Daye's 4 months ago

    Pls buy the toa command or back

  • MANTIS 4 months ago

    The fucking state of this comment section…

  • Quentin Samuelson 4 months ago

    I love how you were talking about helping the children to no swear

  • Railgun Tanki 4 months ago

    kenny ur hot <3

  • Nathan H 4 months ago

    I was watching vikk till now but vikk’s uploads are becoming too uncommon and he isn’t doing much around the server, not to mention the god awful comment section, so I’ve decided to follow you.

  • FoxyMacadoo N 4 months ago

    Enjoy your content. And Love your ethics and morals! GG

  • zuphex 4 months ago


  • ImCarpet 4 months ago

    I agree with you Kenny and it works for your channel, but I definitely prefer people that just be themselves and don’t try to censor themselves for their audience. Like Speedy and Side play Minecraft and in their last video they were talking about freakin pornstars.. or I mean actresses lol

  • Ajitesh 4 months ago

    You need a cool superchat sound too

  • Kinetic Dragon 4 months ago

    What is the texture pack im dieing to know

  • Sam Marks 4 months ago

    Rap battle vs. Nobodyepic 😉

  • Ahmed Mohamed 4 months ago

    atleast gen isnt like quiff and abused the admins to get his stuff back

  • Especially in episodes like this superchats take a lot away from the content. Enjoy the banter, read superchats later! D:

  • Lewis Garner 4 months ago

    Kenny u are missing an end rod on the front of your house

  • Emil Roos 4 months ago

    Dude i laghed my head off when he said i cant think of anything that rymes with fix besides something i cant say

  • agrubb27 4 months ago

    Kenny, I think you would be surprised at the range of ages of people who watch your videos. I’m 42 years old and watch daily and showed one of your videos to my dad who will be 70 in a few months. He then bought Minecraft and is now learning and playing his own single player survival world. We spent eight hours together yesterday paying. It’s a shame that there aren’t more people involved with this series as there is something quite special about it. I look forward to your new episode each day. Thanks again for the great content and positive attitude. It’s refreshing.

  • Smokie Bear 4 months ago

    this episode was sweeter than a poptart

  • Richard Head 4 months ago

    Haha Kenny you’re mid 20s not from the mid 20s.

  • Smokie Bear 4 months ago

    Lil Worth probably leaves his fudging show in a POPTART

  • pokemonlover132 4 months ago

    What is that texture pack called?

  • TheyCallMeLove 4 months ago

    If Kenny is the admin the possibilty of abuse is unlimited

  • Martin Llevado 4 months ago

    Be a maverick

  • Martin Llevado 4 months ago

    Am 19 i dont care about pg

  • John Brown 4 months ago

    What is the twitch subscriber song

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