• TheDank Meme 4 months ago

    its lit

  • kelan fine 4 months ago

    I got a viper drone

  • Briana Coakley 4 months ago

    kenny i want to see battlefield 1 content plz

  • aaron Persad 4 months ago

    Merry Christmas

  • Nathaniel Leblanc 4 months ago

    100 dollars

  • Zach Thompson 4 months ago

    Put a doggy door for you doggos in that door

  • Dabbin Inc. 4 months ago

    Love ya ken

  • Someone Random 4 months ago

    I got CoD WWII for my PS4

  • Aja Machuca 4 months ago

    For Christmas the best gift was Edmonton oilers and Dallas stars hockey game on the 6th of January in dallas!

  • KillSwitchOP GAMING 4 months ago

    For Christmas I got an amazon echo

  • Killaura Gaming 4 months ago

    Why does it look like Kenny has a slight soft corner for Kara lol

  • the pro gamer 4 months ago

    for christmas i got playstation 4 and fifa 18

  • Gabe Mariano 4 months ago

    I got me a Lenovo Legion Y520

  • Cz9 GamePlay 4 months ago

    Took all the good things from other seasons. Season 1: vanilla. Season 2:commands. Season 3 long ass bridges. Season 4 good badmins.

  • Mohammad Syed 4 months ago

    Sigils left h5m

  • Lanti Ponxha 4 months ago

    How can u sit on stairs ??

  • yearfire9 4 months ago

    Jbl pulse 3

  • aalaynamariie 4 months ago

    This was a very good stream/video keep up the good work! 🙂 <3

  • Obbyyy 4 months ago

    admins gotta stop interacting so much <3

  • Jeff Jeff 4 months ago

    I got a smartwatch!

  • Y 2 Z Gaming 4 months ago

    i dont ****ing care if u are late or fast i just want to watch ur vid
    love ur vids kenesto
    keep up the best work

  • Sara Foss 4 months ago

    3DS+200$ dollars and Minecraft 4 the 3DS

  • Pittsburqh Penquins 4 months ago

    Merry Christmas! Sorry I missed the stream :/

  • Rizzle Higginson 4 months ago

    Merry Christmas Kenny you’re the best

  • Foxxy _ 4 months ago

    Hey Kenny. I’m having a problem. So I got the Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 keyboard. I plugged it up to my computer ready to play minecraft with it. But when I hoped on hypixel, it wouldn’t allow me to sprint( ctrl) and left click at the same time. I’m hoping u can help me with this situation. Also if anyone else is reading this, feel free to leave a comment as well. I just don’t want my money to go to waster. Hope all is well Kenny. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to u and everyone watching Kenny.

  • Blake Sanca 4 months ago

    iPhone 8

  • Randel Brookings 4 months ago

    KENNY Lake is going to troll u with a pumpkin that you can’t take off your head and do the furnace prank that you did to side and speedy DONT WORRY I GOT YOU<3

  • Destroyer Playz 4 months ago

    The best thing I got was the TBNRKenworth hoodie

  • Flame 5418 4 months ago

    my new key board I am typing on now!

  • Ice King 4 months ago

    Bring back the golfcourse!!

  • swag lol 4 months ago

    I got a ps4

  • BlaziDude 4 months ago

    For me I got the HyperX Cloud alpha headset, it’s the only thing I got but it is pretty expensive and I love it! :3

  • DeLuxZo 4 months ago


  • Brayden damasta 4 months ago

    I got a Porsche 911

  • IcedRainbow _ 4 months ago

    I got a new gaming headset

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