• I Am Taylor 5 days ago

    Hi I love your videos!

  • xisumavoid 5 days ago

    Incase you missed snapshot 18w20a here is a link 🙂

  • legoshowtv 5 days ago

    they just releases a bit of the full release on bedrock its called phase one

  • bears888 5 days ago

    I’m a potato and you never knew

  • Rudolf Babinsky 5 days ago


  • Shreyash Shubh 5 days ago

    Thanks man !!

  • Veljko Adzic 5 days ago

    xusima what about when a dispencers sucking the whaterlogged block it distroyed

  • jamierussellxx - random videos 5 days ago

    stream today??

  • Poland can into space 5 days ago

    I made a new survival world, but when i got near a lake, it crashed. I tried in 18w20b and creative mode, but it still crashed.
    The second world i made had checkered snow and ice, and most trees were missing, if they weren’t missing, they would be in the ground.
    It looks quite nice in some biomes actually.
    Seed 1: aniceseed
    Seed 2: 8112034953792422156

  • ZombieMann12 5 days ago

    Wait wait wait wait, they didn’t fix the lighting bug with solid blocks? :(((

  • Luckas Karlson 5 days ago

    Thanks for the snapshot update👍

  • jeremypascall 5 days ago

    I loved the way water looked in the cauldron…

  • cthulhuhead 5 days ago

    Happy news! I loaded up 18w20a and had a hard crash to desktop under water every time I tried to go to a certain place. We’ll see how 20b treats me.

  • Larre500 5 days ago

    Yep, strange thing about the current snapshot 18w20b: Forest and Jungle biomes lost 90-95 percent of their trees! 🙂

  • KarimGo 5 days ago


  • Twitch.Tv/Craft 5 days ago

    I thought they were going to make dead coral fans and Coral fans be place-able on top of blocks for an alternate texture?

  • tomateLopes 5 days ago

    Oh no, they nerfed fire. I liked that. :

  • Dylan McFiggins 5 days ago

    HAY i just saw update Aquatic… IS OUT SOON TODAY ON BEDROCK!! HYPE!!!

  • Yisrael Pinto 5 days ago


  • kejoki 5 days ago

    Can’t wait until 1.13.2

    ’cause I ain’t gonna use any 1.13.x where x<2. I remember 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12 too well.

  • Sam Teinert 5 days ago

    I was playing in 20a came back an hour later and then stared it up and I was so confused why it was warning me about world corruption

  • Lucas Grindle 5 days ago


  • RapidFlow Gaming 5 days ago

    Haha lol us bedrock players just got phase 1 of the update

  • Xavom 5 days ago

    Thanks for the update X. FYI: Currently there is a bug in the 1.13 snapshots that causes the game to crash and rendering that world unusable/unable to load without an instant crash. Until that bug is resolved, evaluation of features and fixes is a gamble at best. Anyone testing the 1.13 snapshots might consider reading: .

  • RiverPlasmaHero 5 days ago

    Thanks for keeping us up to date X!!! 😀

  • Ariosor 11 5 days ago


  • tritti96 5 days ago

    Still no redstone bug fixes…. it seems that putting flower pots on top of a conduit is more important than fixing wrong observer clock behaviours and messed up rail updates

  • Joshua Landry 4 days ago

    They still need to fix the grass and mycelium spreading under water. It is annoying as heck and eliminates the easy way to purify a mooshroom island.

  • Dan TMG 4 days ago

    Wait, conduit no longer is waterlogged? then how am i going to make a swimming pool in the nether

  • BishopJAC 4 days ago

    Is it safe to open a 1.12.2 world with the latest snapshot?…. will it brake anything? Will all the features of th e latest snapshot function correctly?

  • Draxiss 4 days ago

    Thanks for letting us know it was out! From a little testing, here’s the gist of what I’ve found they’ve done to the Conduit:

    – The hitbox has *finally* been fixed to match the actual size of the block. HOLY HECK that was bothering me.
    – The ‘active’ animation has changed. It’s a much more passive floating animation; doesn’t spin like it used to.
    – I *think* some of the particles have changed, but I’m not too sure about that.
    – The Conduit can *only* be placed in water. If the Conduit is in a flowing water block, that block is transformed into a water source block. The water *cannot* be removed from the conduit block with a bucket or sponge (tried in both Survival and Creative). In fact, water cannot be placed *into* a conduit block. The water within a Conduit otherwise behaves like a waterlogged block, becoming a normal water source block when removed.

  • B.W.C 4 days ago

    this is a comment

  • Keris 4 days ago

    Still no rail fixes or observer fixes?

  • Julio Mercado 4 days ago

    Mobs stopped spawning for me after a few nights without sleeping and getting phantoms even spawners aren’t working. On unloaded/newer chunks got some spawns but skeletons and zombies burned inside caves w/o sky access

  • Withered Toy Freddy 1991 4 days ago

    ive come to confirm that update aquatic on bedrock is getting recalled after the fact most player cant get the update on xbox from the worst bug in mc history the bug destorys worlds it can desotry xbox’s and it even wont work on bedrock about 400 pepole got the update

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