• PopularMMOs 9 months ago

    Enjoy the video guys!! Sorry we have family visiting so we are really busy but we recorded a bunch of vids today so we should be able to get at least 1 vid out each day!

  • terence chen 9 months ago


  • Nicole Hsia74 9 months ago

    I believe you that u didnt cheat .-.

  • Halil Cengiz 9 months ago

    aplar haha ha ha türkçelri yok haha ha ha ingiliz askerleri ayyyy gülmekten öldüm

  • THE LAVA TIGER 9 months ago

    Alantis dream is spong bob sponge bob

  • THE LAVA TIGER 9 months ago

    The glass is sandis and the yellow is the house of bob and the tall one is quidward and the broun thing is patricks house thats not alantis dream thats the bikini bottom

  • THE LAVA TIGER 9 months ago

    The villiger dude is squidward hahahahahah you noticed it

  • Mani China 9 months ago

    Hello pat Hai jen.

  • tricia marie catapang 9 months ago


  • tricia marie catapang 9 months ago

    helo popu lar MMOs

  • Sophia Aquino 9 months ago

    You forgot spongebob and sandy

  • Ben Lester 9 months ago


  • Cranky MTB 9 months ago

    Can you do some 3am vids ? Like you f agree

  • Melio 1R.BLAZ3 9 months ago


  • DaFireCreeper 9 months ago

    That’s not Atlantis pat that’s it is sandy’s home

  • Marky Mendiola 9 months ago

    44th trending lol

  • Molly Nicol 9 months ago

    Hello p.s I love the intro song soooo much anyone else dance to it

  • Greeny Bean 9 months ago

    Spinners are old

  • Chandlyr Miller 9 months ago

    Dear pat and jen do you no some one did a sex vid to see it tiap mincraft sex

  • Josandro de Graav 9 months ago

    You fly i disliked this vid

  • luis callazo 9 months ago

    they misses it on the nether portal

  • the dark dragon 9 months ago


  • Josh Grant 9 months ago


  • Anna Elizabeth Genis 9 months ago

    go jen

  • Panda Girl 9 months ago

    I know pat reply to a lot of people but I wish he would reply to me

  • kierran kale 9 months ago

    the loading screen is a spigot finner

  • AWESOME DARES 9 months ago

    level 11 is sponhebob themed

  • Kai Wallbanks 9 months ago

    Play roblox pat and Jen please

  • Kai Wallbanks 9 months ago


  • Isabella Alvarez 9 months ago

    Did u realize that in the level alantis the tree was Sandys house from sponge Bob, and the whole level was based off of the Show Sponge Bob

  • Swaggy.V 9 months ago

    I will upload Minecraft videos soon! Please subscribe and I promise to make content that will make your guys’ day!

  • Sparkle Gamer Girl Gabby 9 months ago

    New outro!!

  • David Naylor 9 months ago

    The alantis level is spongebob 12:50

  • ethan shen 9 months ago


  • April England 9 months ago

    you should have known that jen was going to ruin the intro,:/

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