• Isaiah Maldonado 1 week ago

    Hey Python keep up the good work I’ve been watching your videos scince your Minecraft let’s play ep 1 keep making good vids

  • Ricky Dunne 1 week ago

    Wat consoles is the 1.13 update comin to?

  • micro RIZU 1 week ago

    Hey python, I’m a new subscriber just subscribed because of the Python’s world survival series, no offense I do like your other videos too but, You should make at least episodes of Python’s world series every day or every 2 days.

  • MaxTheMinecrafty YT 1 week ago

    Try make an under water city?

  • McpeBuilder 1 week ago

    Lovely fish home dude

  • SangheiliWarrior 1 week ago

    Why oak traps doors everywhere? They look so horrible compared to everything else

  • Slinger Neves 1 week ago

    All the houses look good python.

  • sponer tisdale 1 week ago

    what about an under water base
    as always love your videos

  • Its Me 1 week ago

    5 pioneer house designs; 5 jungle house designs; 5 underwater house designs;

  • Dungeon Gamer 1 week ago

    The background music Killed my ears

  • Nurse Lucy 1 week ago

    This was needed

  • charmander fan1 1 week ago

    when are the chairs coming

  • Heng Houkkoung 1 week ago

    Yay 2 vids a day

  • Riley Hooper 1 week ago

    Instead of prismerine fencing. Why not prismerine walls, much like cobblestone walls.

  • WhatAboutSarah 1 week ago

    Lovely to wake up to TWO videos from you today Python!

  • MCPE Singleplayer 1 week ago

    Can you show us how to download minecraft 1.13

  • Laimis Skorodumovas 1 week ago


  • Duke oLizards 1 week ago

    Great pallet designs for surface houses with underwater blocks. But how about building designs for underwater houses in an underwater base?

  • Larissa Krab 1 week ago

    Hey Python,
    I was wondering, maybe you can make 5 madieval houses?
    Keep up the good work❤

  • charysma ? 1 week ago

    You should do more of these, kinda fit the theme of a biome into the house…love u

  • Gray Hyuk 1 week ago

    Hey nice video! Your video absolutely deserves a like! I would appreciate it if you would subscribe back to me as well as some likes on my videos!! Good luck with your videos and thanks!

  • Jihan Anindya 1 week ago

    5 MInecraft Starter House Design Please 🙂

  • Gaurav Verma 1 week ago

    Hey brother.. Imagine how cool would it look like if you combine all the buildings in one… Love your vids and love from India

  • Omar samh 1 week ago

    Build one of these houses in your survival world that’d be awesome!

  • 99SuperKiller99 1 week ago

    I feel like it took my a lot longer than it should have for me to realize you’re saying “coral” and not “coal.”

  • Miningmama 1 week ago

    I just think we are all looking forward to the new update and the new items ,great ideas and can’t wait..good ideas python .x

  • Soulful Archer 1 week ago

    I’d love to see you do some futuristic builds. Some modern builds and some botanical garden builds. Love these though, very much. Will use some of your ideas here, just make bigger.

  • Andrew Goring 1 week ago

    When it’s time to make the Ocean Base on Python’s World, You Should Build at Least all of these Builds like an Underwater Village.

  • Ezel 1 week ago

    Nice builds, I like the creative uses of these blocks 😀

    For another theme, hmm, maybe something to do with Nether/End stuff? Maybe some modern builds?

  • Magnuz 15 1 week ago

    What’s That Font Called

  • Sadiction 1 week ago

    You are using glass panes, does that mean there will be little pockets of air if you place it underwater?

  • Kempy Bass 1 week ago

    The “stalks” on the sea pickles I think is the flame because it emits light

  • AXIS 1 week ago

    Your idea of making a aquatic house in your survival world (Python’s World) I find really cool!

  • Mario12267 1 week ago

    Wow! These builds look really awesome! I really like the 16×16 with the fish tank in the middle! I think it turned out really nice both the interior and exterior! Just Wow! Keep up the good work man! I can’t wait to see these featured in Python’s world! Maybe you could do 5 revamped villager house builds, or 5 Igloo designs, 5 cabins or I like the 5 modern house designs idea or can you do a 5 hobbit hole designs?

  • Hayden Lavouttoue 6 days ago

    I would kill for some concrete slabs and stairs. All the colours 🌈

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