• L8Games - Minecraft 7 months ago

    Welcome to a HERO’S QUEST! I guess we have to save a Princess?? We dunno 😆
    ALSO *NEW PIXELMON* Series coming in 30 MINUTES!! #HYPE

  • Craige Brown 7 months ago

    I love you vids can you make for you pokemon series a battle for darkri

  • Liliye Sirazeeva 7 months ago

    Is king pixel ,pixeldip

  • Zanethe Savage 7 months ago

    Hi Nkck and Jordan

  • L8 Matt 7 months ago


  • Kwenwoo Lee 7 months ago

    Hi L8games! Sorry I’m a little L8. (Pun intended)

  • Robert Wheeler 7 months ago

    before i hear you guys say it i guess its the quest to kill pixeldip

  • Divjotveer Samra 7 months ago


  • Alex Neva 7 months ago

    Nicks voice sounds different

  • Anthony Medrano 7 months ago


  • Anthony Medrano 7 months ago


  • LEGENDARY WEEDLE 7 months ago


  • Awesome!!!!! Do more!!!!!!

  • Georgeforman asf 7 months ago

    The taxi was chuck Norris and he stole l8games

  • Reade McGuff 7 months ago

    Pixeldip is a king

  • Qiang Wang 7 months ago

    Princess pixel that sound familiar ahh they kidnapped pixel dip and for some reason is princess

  • Nono90nono80 7 months ago


  • Joshua Fox 7 months ago

    Hi l8games! Your the best, please shout me out!

  • Kelvion Washington 7 months ago

    Do more of hero quest

  • DBsenpia 7 months ago

    L8Games The Move: coming out October 16th…………… 2117 😀

  • H8Games H8games 7 months ago

    You should do a roleplay with your fans or ask people to join your team like mangotango

  • Tom Moring 7 months ago

    I love you guys I made a comment on your Pokémon unexpected adventure video I love your videos and like I said before you guys have what you’re doing because you’re amazing and I love you so much

  • Aubrey Moody 7 months ago

    Go L8games!!!

  • Maria Valdez 7 months ago

    Can you please do more bed wors videos

  • Harlie 7 months ago

    Luv this series already

  • Blademaster x1 7 months ago

    Pixeldip why kiddnap people

  • Ava dah Tacotoaster 7 months ago

    T a c o c a t tacocat tacocat
    T a c o c a t tacocat tacocat
    C. A . T. T. A. C. O
    T a c o c a t tacocat tacocat
    T. A . C. O. C. A. T.
    Taco cat taco cat
    I hope u choose this for torocat’s name

  • Fire Crystal 7 months ago

    3:58 FNAF WORLD MUSIC????????

  • Kent Bloms 7 months ago

    Do mega moon

  • J3CL Cyber 7 months ago

    Grate video but can you bring back daycare

  • Noah Dinh 7 months ago


  • JayPlay's Minecraft,Roblox&More 7 months ago

    Is it just me, or the audio is less louder

  • OresameBoy TSP 7 months ago

    i cant find the channel mega moon

  • Brandon Manbode 7 months ago

    That intro though😵

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