• Tyler Morrow 2 weeks ago

    Sprint jumping with a potion of leaping makes you slower. Smh.

  • XIV aka herrafuM 2 weeks ago

    fuck u troy

  • infinite lives 2 weeks ago

    Dragon Ball Z is better than super

  • Intelletivity 2 weeks ago

    Sorry, I. Was Troy 🙁

  • Leirboog 2 weeks ago

    Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys is definitely more well known.

  • Tyler E 2 weeks ago

    Yo my sparkley boy, why are there 13 minute Ulta ads????

  • Sakura shirakawa 2 weeks ago

    Skybounds, the Minecraft series where you can skip 7 episodes and miss absolutely nothing. It’s either pve mining or warzone.

  • Asnaf 2 weeks ago

    And that’s when the youtube drama between Jordan and Troy began.

  • Sith Yarael 2 weeks ago

    Lost by 10 feet!

  • failmuffin69 2 weeks ago

    this is so much easier with racer kit lol

  • Super Sonic 2 weeks ago

    This dude still Minecrafting?
    It’s been 6 years sense I’ve watched him in Jerry’s tree

  • APRigs 2 weeks ago

    your camera has been way off recently jordan

  • BarnZarn 123 2 weeks ago

    You do realize you can buy potions from the brew master right?

  • R0ck3rp00l 2 weeks ago

    What’s interesting about the super attack thing. During an episode (I forgot which one) of Dragon Ball Super Piccolo uses Special Beam Cannon against another Namekian but he didn’t say “Special Beam Cannon” maybe he said something different like “Here goes”? or something like that and it was translated wrong? Maybe he never said Special Beam Cannon in English and I’m just now noticing it? I watched previous dragon ball episodes in dub until recently.

  • Alfawolf 2 weeks ago

    what is “sparkel bot” it that a helper person?

  • SkyPidgeon Ocelot 2 weeks ago

    What’s up with video quality on your videos lately?

  • Me Here 2 weeks ago

    I saw the emerald block and thought jardon why

  • Christian Sokol 2 weeks ago

    It’s not broken because you need to mine stone wich is not iron emeralds or diamonds

  • Zebulon Hardwick 2 weeks ago

    Is that the pick with autosmelt?

  • anegolaughlove 2 weeks ago

    I hope he doesn’t end this series soon. I love watching these!!

  • maxime de cock 2 weeks ago

    Jordan Why didn’t you use your banker set its free extra money

  • CaptainAKG 2 weeks ago

    I bet troy was trying to fight the people around him and didn’t know that spells affects players with orb of immunity too.

  • wong weishen 2 weeks ago

    fuck u troy everyonee hates u even ur mom and ur own self that is a forbidden piece of shit

  • The HunterX 2 weeks ago

    do the slayer quest !!!!!!!!!!

  • Lego boy 4252794002 2 weeks ago

    Your pickaxe is brokededed

  • Lego boy 4252794002 2 weeks ago

    Troy go kill x33n next time

  • Rubix Craft 2 weeks ago

    *Hey. Cool video. Look at me. Sad?*

  • Jelle Verheggen 2 weeks ago

    You het the artifact based on points not poul percentage

  • Calarin O'Caligan 2 weeks ago

    I just hate how all players have a murderous intent even if you have nothing at all.

  • ARY AN 2 weeks ago


  • BluE FoxX 2 weeks ago

    Will u ever do your animations again like this comment if you think he should do the animations!!!! Please Mr sparkly pants I lived them and I still watch your old ones on minute and stuff like that I would really really like it if you did that

  • TwistedSage 2 weeks ago

    should report troy for greifing

  • ZombieZen420 2 weeks ago

    Modded survival with xeen

  • Potato Power 2 weeks ago

    Put a bounty on Troy?

  • Mike Oxlong 2 weeks ago

    I just found this out recently, but there is a certain area in the Warzone that can only be accessed by people of Wood Combat rank or higher, and you can mine Immortal Stones, Ancient Runes, and even Storm Generators!!! I recommend working a bit more on Warzone PVP and getting there ASAP.

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