• Joe Morales 3 months ago

    REALLY How bout u play a different game besides minecraft. I know you’ve done it forever and I’ve watched since the treehouse series you’re entertaining and people will watch whether u stop or keep playing minecraft. Play fortnite that’s blowing up right now and I’d love to see u play it. No one will hate u for not posting minecraft as much. And I would like to see u play a game u actually like playing cause there’s no way u still like minecraft. ALSO YOUR MINECRAFT VIDEOS ARE SO BORING

  • Tremayne Green 3 months ago

    do u think about jerry :[

  • hu yumei 3 months ago

    Jordan, u can just no /nick random to get a random nickname so u dont have to come up with one

  • Pixtren 3 months ago

    I have some problems going to sleep unless I’m listening to something so when I watch your vids I drop dead snoring on my bed so… Thanks

  • Johanniklas Lp 3 months ago

    I don’t know how to best say it, but…

    you messed up.
    Look at the thumbnail and check out the uncut-link in the description xD

  • Thanhtang 3 months ago

    Description uncut version is actually episode 49 not 50

  • Sondra Scheiblich 3 months ago

    am I the only one who noticed the pair of chickens who maited twice?

  • winston nguyen 3 months ago

    What happened to crainer

  • Joel Flanagan 3 months ago

    cant you set your daily challenges to the really quick ones, i remember something like that from an episode a while ago

  • Gavin Cabrera 3 months ago

    Who else reads the comments while watching the video?

  • Timothy Blotzke 3 months ago

    In one of your videos you called a cutle fish a hermit crab

  • Timothy Blotzke 3 months ago


  • Marios Christophorou 3 months ago

    When is Trollcraft 2 coming?

  • T.O.M. Time/Money 3 months ago

    I feel like you and Z33N need a new series because there isn’t really anything new happening anymore lol. It doesn’t even feel like there’s really a goal at this point too

  • EragonShadeslayer 3 months ago

    “The cows are breeding at least but they are not COWnting towards the challenge”

  • FireIvory 3 months ago


  • DangerEmman MCPE 3 months ago


  • Xoldrek 3 months ago

    Unlock new Challenge slots, complete them all and it will be more costy.

  • Dooper Wooper 3 months ago

    I think with this you have to keep buying resets it ill it cost 1 million and then once it reaches 1 million you have to reset one final time. Though this is just a guess and I could be very much wrong.

  • Jeremiah Horst 3 months ago

    there are to many animals in one area

  • azazel 97 3 months ago

    What happened to a modded survival lets plays?

  • yamata93 3 months ago

    Do they know they can get shards with doing the slayer tasks?

  • Colouur 3 months ago

    “Yeah, YEAH , YEAHHHHH, nahhh” -Xeen 2018

  • Tromboner union 3 months ago

    Challenges are boring to watch

  • Trash Films 3 months ago

    Sparklez, if you use the boosters they store in your inv. You can access them wit /booster

  • SirPerfectful 3 months ago

    Don’t fuck the horse.

  • Briarpelt 3 months ago

    Why are these horses so determined to walk the edge of danger?!

  • ander tealeaf 3 months ago

    feed the horses apples man they bred more faster

  • Caleb Begly 3 months ago

    It will take 10 rerolls if it doubles each time

  • Banner Aura 3 months ago

    Hey guys if you like Minecraft videos please check me out. I know quality is not the best but I’m learning. As I make more videos I will get more comfortable

  • Haliaialalalaa 3 months ago

    That was so facepalm-y

  • Little Puffin 3 months ago

    Hi please watch my new video where I blow up captainsparklez with nukes

  • AllAroundGavin 3 months ago

    Captain I don’t think u remember Jerry Anymore

  • Ej Marbella 3 months ago

    I think that there is an animal limit on each island so that you know animals just don’t keep showing up

  • Durple Cakey 3 months ago

    After he said “You talk about rocking worlds right before breeding and it, it gets a little confusing” I thought Jardon said “Ok these are both dudes”

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