• Homie Seal Gaming 5 months ago

    Plz pin this I have never gotten pinned ever I liked, subed, and turned on notifications. Can u plz check out Foolcraft (it’s on the twitch launcher). It’s an insane mod with overpowered stuff. The YouTuber that made the pack with his team is Iskall85. He also has a let’s play of version 2.0 on his channel as I’m posting this. Here is a link to his channel: the YouTuber mod you showed isn’t the most recent version. A YouTuber called PopularMMOs (who is in the mod) had a let’s play of a mod pack that included that mod, and every YouTuber had special items and there were a lot more. It might be a different mod, but I don’t know for sure. It would be awesome if u chose this tho. If u can’t check Foolcraft out then can u check out the mod that PopularMMOs did in that series. BTW it’s called Epic Proportions. The series, not the mod. Oh btw ur the best modded Minecraft YouTuber I have ever seen.

  • Heyyyy You guys reading you are amazing never give up on your self!!!
    -From a YouTuber with a dream

  • dead shot the king 5 months ago

    Lion king mod

  • Carter Stevens 5 months ago

    #minecraft story mode

  • John Stevens 5 months ago

    The lucky block mod please

  • Amy Jo Bates 5 months ago

    Plz do the wither storm V wither zilla please do this because I turned on notifications on and liked vid

  • Matthew Brown 5 months ago

    I never had an ended dragon army do ender dragon army

  • Nicholas Hagler 5 months ago

    Sword mod!

  • DreadGalaxy168 Minecraft Pro 5 months ago

    Valcano mod

  • Eli potatoe 5 months ago

    Yo jack you farted

  • Cuong Le 5 months ago

    Can i get 100 likes its my dad b day

  • Sloan Morgan 5 months ago

    Rollercoaster mod

  • Geoff Smith 5 months ago

    I peed my pants playing MCSM. I’m weird.

  • Kyle Alexander 5 months ago

    Do cars mod this is kyle

  • Soggy Waffles 5 months ago

    You are nothing you’re a meeny I will cell you

  • Gregory Ong 5 months ago

    Check out the back road Jack mod

  • elijah dean 5 months ago

    You should give bessy a friend

  • romano riego 5 months ago

    Pls do engender mod o wait you already done yay thats my comment or its already anwserd if that happend i am sad realy realy sad

  • Golem Junkie 5 months ago

    You RULE BECK!!!!

  • Shalaka Pawaskar 5 months ago

    Best YouTuber ever watched of minecraft

  • Luc Vangraefschepe 5 months ago

    Your one of my favarite youtubers pls check out the mr crayfish furniture mod

  • Linus Petersson 5 months ago

    teck wopons mod

  • rope talents 5 months ago

    Try my mod called Pro mod

  • Johnathan Weiersmüller 5 months ago


  • Carolynne Coulson 5 months ago

    Jack fight witherzilla on another world because one of his attacks in banning you from the game

  • Seth Burgen 5 months ago

    do the morph mod

  • Brandi Wanner 5 months ago

    pls do star wars mod

  • nael gamer YT CHANEL 5 months ago

    Why do you not make a minecraft survival series with your friend? It’s gonna make your subs more many many many and many

  • Doug Ness 5 months ago

    i tried to copee your scin

  • Doug Ness 5 months ago
  • Jessica Knox 5 months ago

    pls do vampirism mod

  • Karen Mohamadi 5 months ago

    Use the horse mod.

  • Brandon Mettlen 5 months ago

    Do a mini world map

  • True Minacrafter 5 months ago

    Any armor mod!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eckoxsoldier fake 5 months ago

    more weapons mod

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