• Rays Works 1 week ago

    Thank you so much Xisuma for touring this on ProtoTech, it was fun!

  • Danny Pockets 1 week ago

    Your move, ilMango!

  • aleks kensington 1 week ago


  • rick hendriks 1 week ago

    and all of this is made in survival…..

  • ThimbleStudios 1 week ago

    Well, I used only one exploit to duplicate things, and I can dupe about 30 times that amount of shuckers in just one hour. What’s more, I can dupe everything IN the shulckers too. If you are going to break the game, BREAK IT.

  • Cocopapayan Mapper 1 week ago


  • cnawan 1 week ago

    Game, exploit thyself

  • Redstoner KBC 1 week ago

    Somehow this reminds me of the Grandfather paradox.

  • M.X.G 1 week ago

    i want world download

  • Tristan Stannard 1 week ago

    Now I’m waiting for someone crazy enough to build it on LPMT!

  • Adrian_ Zombturtle 1 week ago


  • Wall Street 1 week ago

    Wow just wow

  • Thijs van der Tang 1 week ago

    Project on hermitcraft VI ?

  • ¿sᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐƆ ? 1 week ago

    is that singleplayer friendly? like how do you load all 3 dimensions at one time?

  • Kyryzard 1 week ago

    Of course there’s a 42 in the farm

  • RimaNari 1 week ago

    This kinda stuff repeatedly blows my mind. The complexity of the system alone is impressive, but thinking about all the work that must have gone into it, especially figuring out the quirks that are used in this farm… wow.
    But, honestly, that’s also about it. I enjoy those things in a video where I drop my jaw, but always wonder “what’s the point?”. I mean, if you are bored of exploring the end for shulker shells, just spawn them in via creative or make a crafting recipe to craft a diamond into shells or something. So I don’t see much of an application for these sorts of farms.
    However, of course there doesn’t need to be a point beyond just making something impressive if you have fun doing it. It’s not as if a fancy house you build has a purpose either.

  • Alexander Moniuszko 1 week ago

    That’s sick!

  • JOHN HIPOLITO 1 week ago

    Can this work on mcpe?

  • BuIIetBiII 1 week ago

    impressive build, but duping is kind of cheating in my opinion

  • Adhy Munchen 1 week ago

    Yes my Schuller is crezi thanking xisumavoid

  • Adhy Munchen 1 week ago

    Sory I’m Indonesia I’m speak indonesia

  • Kasane Kona 1 week ago

    The more publicity this gets, the more likely it is Mojang will patch it…

  • Chethin Weerakkody 1 week ago

    make it in hermitcraft

  • Error 404 1 week ago

    Can you share this map?

  • Hamburgerin 1 week ago

    Prototech? Nice

  • Beastmaw 1 week ago

    holy shulker

  • Sinpwec 1 week ago

    Just, wow…

  • Elemental Ender9 1 week ago


  • Mr. Hair 1 week ago


  • ChinnuWoW 1 week ago

    …or you can just stay in creative mode.

  • Pi, Tau, & Fau. 1 week ago

    You never read my comments, also if you do read this are you converting hermitcraft 5 sever to 1.13 or starting hermitcraft 6 when it releases.

  • Justa Guy 1 week ago

    Okay this is a beyond insane way to get more shulker shells. That said I think it would be insane to build this even in creative, let alone survival.

  • Not Your Everyday Timelord 1 week ago

    “It’s like I’m in an endless loop of death. I can see myself dying, over and over, only to be splintered back to ride this rollercoaster of hell again.”

  • DaijDjan 1 week ago

    OK, first of all: This looks amazing and I applaud the community that created this for the ingenuity and skill showcased. Still, I have to admit I don’t really get the point of it (and reading through the comments didn’t help either). This farm is built using exploits to remove blocks and works with entity duping – this instantly kills my interest in it as I’m strictly against duping (a.k.a. cheating ). And even if I would not mind the entity duping: Why not simply dupe the items instead? (As far as I know, it is simpler, right?) Because to me the mindset of “it’s more complex, so it’s legitimate” is complete and utter nonsense. Either duping is fine or it’s not.

  • Lucas Lennon 1 week ago

    Well it’s not 100% Survival Minecraft because you need to break the end portal and the bedrock in the end portal… :/

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