• Carter Frank 6 months ago

    ssundee would you let drainer inside your body

  • Carter Frank 6 months ago

    i meant crainer

  • StarGaming3000 NUMBER 1 6 months ago

    i subbed and liked the video

  • Bro Odd 6 months ago

    I think you guys should make longer games after the lucky blocks the games are so short

  • Multiplex117 6 months ago

    I wish Ssundee would play some series by himself

  • Epic Blader123 6 months ago

    YEAH BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey Lee 6 months ago

    Ian pls play pixel world and go to seng it is my world pls

  • Mr perfect The sauce god 6 months ago

    Yo il sub to anybody who subs to me lets grow togheter!!!

  • Ryan Boyer 6 months ago

    team AMERICA

  • amit dalah 6 months ago

    you can buy a sound adapter that blocks loud sounds

    like so ssundee see

  • Louise Krystal 6 months ago

    Me Martin poop

  • AG Draws 6 months ago

    watchin from my ds right now, turned on subtitles and every time ssundee said “ keehan ” it turned to kid. im just readin subtitles and it says “ Kid! stop that ” …. suntitles so messed up

  • Tanner Paul 6 months ago

    England will win

  • Abang Abay 6 months ago

    Maddie my brihtday is 21 nov

  • Zachary D 6 months ago

    Why do ssundee alwas win i ting he is a haker

  • Zachary D 6 months ago


  • Edijs Priede 6 months ago

    hi ssundee i subscribed. i want to another lucky block challenge be minecraft gta 5 i will be happy!!!

  • YUNG iiX-Bucklebum-Xii 6 months ago

    Catch a riiiiiidde : scooter

  • Ayman Khan 6 months ago

    Team Merica????? VS Team DEN MARKER

  • UnMined 6 months ago

    Catch a ride is off borderlands

  • Aayan Mahmood 6 months ago

    Crainer did not say

    Hit that little bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you think they both can win hit that little bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Imran Mubarak 6 months ago

    Next time there is a rip headphones, can you pls let us hear it

  • kalum schroeder 6 months ago

    I can’t afford to help you deep ssundee

  • PuppyRyan 6 months ago

    SSundee, I Miss the Vids With you and Crainer Solo 🙁

  • Sam Kern 6 months ago

    My favorite sport

  • Dev Roy 6 months ago

    Ssundee won in golf and Mr crainer in football

  • powerpuppy00 6 months ago

    If you thonnk America wins like Denmark dislike

  • maddude321 6 months ago

    Can u guys do baseball next

  • Sean Estrella 6 months ago

    That’s to testes…

    I’m so dirty minded

  • Aizad Azree 6 months ago


  • Pikaboy35 X 6 months ago


  • Michael Dobbs 6 months ago


  • Donald Trump 6 months ago

    Team Denmark blew a 4-1 lead

  • Stella 6 months ago

    before you place a lucky block.
    build UP a bit so it wont get you.

  • LiamPlays Liam 6 months ago

    They should make a battle Royale lucky block and America fights Denmark

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