• PopularMMOs 3 months ago

    Time to fight some of these extremely weird mobs!!! Enjoy guys!

  • tyrone killoran 3 months ago

    Play fortnite

  • Redgamer 3 months ago

    can i get likes for nothing….

  • Chanman 3 months ago

    Just wondering , pat why are you obsessed with crying babies? JK lol

  • Super Baby Mario And Luigi Plush Show / SBMAL 3 months ago

    *18:15** KARMA*

  • REDTURTLEMASTER RTM 3 months ago


  • Noah is noob 3 months ago


  • Fire Creeper 3 months ago

    pat ur so awesome pls make more vids!!

  • Kill and murder the haters

  • theookamizero 3 months ago

    I thont the baby was a pig like wif u did to

  • armando arce 3 months ago

    Are you gonna play the crafting dead again?

  • BR PLayS 3 months ago

    Passem lá no meu canal e de uma força lá Valeu rapaziada 👍👍🙌🙏🙏❤️✌️

  • Weide Huang 3 months ago

    Pat you should do a Lucky Block Mini-game in real life and probably the boss is……….-drumroll- CLOUD THE FEROUCIOUS BUT CUTE BEAST! Like if you agree

  • Colette Newton 3 months ago

    Wen ar u makking minectaft epic porpsens

  • Galactic Muffins 3 months ago

    What food are you?







    7. Fish

    8. Fried Frog Legs (ew.)



  • Riley Quibuyen 3 months ago

    Subscribe to me pls I watched your videos for 6 years!😢😤😭

  • Theo Dixon 3 months ago


  • ThatAurora 3 months ago

    Aint blue baby means rare baby?

  • TheQuestionable1sHere 3 months ago


  • Josue Quintero 3 months ago

    Why is it when i watch PopularMMOs I feel like im back in 2012? Anyone get that feeling also?

  • BordNN NN 3 months ago

    I love maynkrift

  • Matthew Joblin 3 months ago

    I know it’s alseimers but I’ve been saying old timers for ages

  • Grace Spratling 3 months ago

    Did anyone see the blue ball at 7.23🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Terren Chang 3 months ago

    Pat: “You just want the best of the best, don’t ya. You greedy baby…..punch…punch….slapper!”
    Me: wat

  • DomgamingPlayz 3 months ago

    The noodles are thinknoodles’ noodles

  • Pun Master 3 months ago

    Who else skips past the rules, watches the lucky blocks and occasionally stays for the fight?

  • Junli Li 3 months ago

    i like noodles and pasta too

  • Pun Master 3 months ago

    Yes, halls lozenges

  • Torbjorn Za Kek Kek 3 months ago

    50% of the people here will think jen is having a baby

  • منوعات الفيديوهات 3 months ago

    to suppot me in paypal

  • InsoliZzz 3 months ago

    Pat and Jen teaching kids how they were made XD

  • aboy harzan 3 months ago

    Pat:I’m a boy not a girl mam

  • IAN FULLWOOD 3 months ago

    You could have made a chest plate , leggings and the helmet that makes you live for ever

  • Alison Moora 3 months ago

    You know that babies don’t cry but just scream

  • OPLukai 3 months ago

    She forgot about the prismarines

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