• PopularMMOs 7 months ago

    Enjoy the video guys!! Happy Halloween!

  • Gintaras Pauža 7 months ago

    I have a lolypop and it has gum inside it and i really want the gum so i try to bite inside it but the lolypop is really hard and big and im not paishent!

  • Azhanb Bhatti 7 months ago


  • Saule Pro 7 months ago

    can u cane your intro ?

  • Layla More 7 months ago

    It’s Jeb from State Farm

  • Gary M 7 months ago

    Pleas mention me I’m your biggest fan hellllooooooo

  • Gary M 7 months ago

    I’m calum

  • mc swager 7 months ago

    my off is going to be a cop :p lol
    love u guys

  • the redstoner the builder the commander gaming 7 months ago


  • yuli hadinata 7 months ago

    Play more chunk restore

  • yuli hadinata 7 months ago


  • Aaron Jung 7 months ago

    A fence can break the egg to

  • Gamin Pro 7 months ago


  • Aaron Jung 7 months ago

    Haha she said zuse

  • Jorja Taylor 7 months ago


  • Gwen Bishop 7 months ago

    I herd jen open the chest

  • Pickl e 7 months ago

    “guess what i just got… a bOOger

  • No Name 7 months ago

    Jen forget iron in her well

  • Jessthequeenno1XGoddess Twilight SparklexEmma Swan 7 months ago

    Pat should have used cookie lucky block because it could be a treat from Halloween or yellow because it’s close to orange but pink is like Valentine’s Day what the hell like duh no offence pat but still!

  • Violet Dragon 7 months ago

    I’m late.

    Also when you said “I’ll do what I have to do…” you were terrifying… HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS!!!!!!

  • Jessthequeenno1XGoddess Twilight SparklexEmma Swan 7 months ago

    I was eating and then Jen said stuff about boogers and I felt sick like why me come on!

  • Aagat Adhikari 7 months ago

    Have a spooky Halloween spookýyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Snowy 6 7 months ago

    Does she know that it’s pronounced as sa-is?

  • Sean Michael 7 months ago


  • iballistic Rose 7 months ago

    Happy Halloween xx

  • chet davies 7 months ago


  • NotThePieSamurai 123 7 months ago

    the creator looks like Leaf from pokemon leafgreen

  • Sheryl Noll 7 months ago

    helloooooooooooo love your vids😍

  • Jake Bautista 7 months ago

    Why no take beacon from well.

  • Fire Master1299 7 months ago

    If it says you went off with a bang you got killed by a firework

  • Sheryl Noll 7 months ago

    thx happy halloween its towmmarow

  • Olivia Sawicka 7 months ago

    I love ur vids but jens more funny

  • Aciditor hdd 7 months ago

    You could’ve broken the piston and powered it with the redstone block

  • Minecreeper Moran 7 months ago

    Pat jen whent out with a bang because fireworks hurt lots of people don’t know

  • BlueBearSlimes 7 months ago

    Next time let Jen pick the challenge games stuff 😂😂😂 I be she would be looking for a pink fluffy unicorn or anything pink! Like if you agree

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