• Nicolai Ashley Villaeba 3 weeks ago

    pat you didn’t die on the second round bc you fell and didn’t got knoked off by jen but give the doggy a bone

  • Prime C.R 3 weeks ago

    theres names are thing one and thing two

  • baste magtanong 3 weeks ago

    the second round should continue because pat fell from a high place

  • gian wyn venzen 3 weeks ago

    GG jen

  • S de Vos 3 weeks ago

    Hey pat on the 2 round u fell to death Jen didn’t kill u

  • jano gallarde 3 weeks ago


  • Gori Bano 3 weeks ago

    why du u use e bow thats wy u luse

  • มินนี่ มิ่งขวัญ 3 weeks ago

    I love you jen

  • The koala 3 weeks ago

    Thing 1 thing 2

  • Elfi Miles 3 weeks ago

    96.6%:theyre names are thing 1 and thing 2
    4.4%:random comments

  • Irvine Bautista 3 weeks ago

    if Jen wanted to say Deathmatch why dosen’t she say the rules #DuMbJeN

  • megatron1215 3 weeks ago

    thoes people are thing 1 &2

  • lorna salamero 3 weeks ago

    Jen:Omg its huge
    Me: Thats what she said

  • XandrosGaming10 3 weeks ago

    Pat its thing 1 and thing 2

  • kellylhancock 3 weeks ago

    what thats thing 1 & 2

  • Ruiqi Xiao 3 weeks ago

    They are called thing 1 and thing 2

  • Clarice Kwong 3 weeks ago

    u noob hunger games Don play around noob

  • Pizza girl YouTube 3 weeks ago

    It’s thing 1 and thing 2

  • Silvia Guzanova 3 weeks ago

    In the chat it said heroine

  • Captain Future Tom 3 weeks ago

    Feel better jen For ur vocal cord

  • RedSteer 3 weeks ago

    LOL pat doesn’t know what an ocean monument i😆

  • Danny Bauer 3 weeks ago

    It is thing 1 and thing 2

  • Captain Future Tom 3 weeks ago

    13:44 JEN!! DU U NO DA WAE

  • Zahra Karimi 3 weeks ago


  • Zahra Karimi 3 weeks ago


  • Turtwig Joseph 3 weeks ago

    He didn’t win jen was killed by the ender dragon

  • master mc 3 weeks ago

    Did pat say at that endermite a silverfish

  • jazzy jazzy 3 weeks ago

    Those thangs are thang 1 and thang 2

  • Brayden Crossley 3 weeks ago

    There called thing 1 and thing 2

  • Duy CrossFire Legends 3 weeks ago

    Hello l vietnamses

  • What's Up 3 weeks ago

    Tangina mo pat i secure mo yung kill gago

  • Jessielynn Cahill 3 weeks ago

    Those thing are thing 1 and thing 2👅😵😜😋😝

  • Ornvira Haekawee 3 weeks ago

    Knife that you got + strenght potion II = 22.5 damage

  • Ender Night 3 weeks ago

    It’s thing 1 and thing 2 I still love your into and why did you not save this for dr sues day I know it’s far a way but you give a s*** sooooooo ya love ya

  • Charlene Garbo 3 weeks ago

    They are called me 1 and me 2

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