• OF Dl 4 weeks ago

    👌 🖕

  • Dennielshan Calilung 4 weeks ago

    Dude i love those medbots strats u need to do that more often or else (GIVE ME UR KIDS

  • Andrew McCrory 4 weeks ago

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali Alkaff 4 weeks ago

    why don’t you do easter eggs murder

  • The Etern4ls 4 weeks ago

    Hmm an ICE SPIRIT that runs to the killer and freezes it… Am I the only one who noticed that this is the thing from class Royale?

  • Benjamin Romain 4 weeks ago

    The video with the hulk smash potion I could probably sell 500000000000

  • Mine Of Duty 4 weeks ago

    im a muslim so i dont celebrate chrismas 🙁

    but i celebrate new year

  • The-vestal 4 weeks ago

    Next video ssundee i want it to be rocket monkeys and show the people it and show them the intro

  • XTROYER GAMING 4 weeks ago

    Is Keehan always playin

  • ThePhantom ooo 4 weeks ago

    Krumpis uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Arctic Fox 4 weeks ago

    Derp ssundee: ima put exhale in Santa’s cookies

    Me: no just just dont

  • Pam Vance 4 weeks ago

    Ice spirit is useless so is the defense die

  • Shekino Marlo 4 weeks ago

    You said in one of your old videos that you will cut your hair when you get to 8milion

  • Gamer Master 4 weeks ago

    Trap idea : Sonic this trap gives you a speed buff and its for the kileer

  • IzzaDrew 21 4 weeks ago

    Merry Christmas

  • Twisted Donut 4 weeks ago

    New trap (killer) Force field-any trap that is sent to the killer will erase the use of the trap for a couple of seconds

  • FranceSickVoice Repudas 4 weeks ago

    pls add where you can fuse traps like scare trap for the survivors and glow trap for insta slowness and blindness and glow

  • Katarzyna Burczyk 4 weeks ago

    Maybe another Clothespin video…

  • Vianney Morales 4 weeks ago

    You should do a brick bronze in roblox

  • Lolly pops 4 weeks ago

    I have a killer trap idea, for 30-45 seconds the killer will be disguised with the armor theme and look like a survivor. A random survivor will be picked and then look like the murderer while the murderer looks like them. This will scares away other near survivors and then the murderer can secretly kill them.

  • mahbas gaming 4 weeks ago


  • ZeusCabous 4 weeks ago

    Krampus is the opposit of Santa and when Santa praises good boys and girls krampus punishes bad ones

  • marc lloyd isidto 4 weeks ago

    Ssundee you look like your self

  • Cat Dominates 4 weeks ago

    Here’s an idea,
    Maybe the killer could be killed? (If that makes sense lmao)
    If like all the hiders do some sailor moon group attack thing .-.

  • Alexx Allen 4 weeks ago

    ssundee use the golden apple again

  • myra deramos 4 weeks ago

    tommorrow do the poke find ssundee

  • Carson Robinson gameing 4 weeks ago

    Marry Christmas

  • Drew Spencer 4 weeks ago

    I think Thea is Jack Frost from that horror movie

  • Shannon Rosales 4 weeks ago

    I suscribed

  • Max Nilsson 4 weeks ago

    The Skating trap worked you needed to sit in the boat by that i mean Right Click it

  • Jace brayden 4 weeks ago

    This was such a weird round…

  • Vibeke Lochner 4 weeks ago

    And now they are stealing clash Royale. Wow. First overwatch and now this.whats next Destiny 2

  • Ben Hughes 4 weeks ago

    satan- santa they hav eall the same letters

  • Sapmaster 4 weeks ago


  • Ben Hughes 4 weeks ago

    rip in chat

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