• funtimefoxy fan 5 months ago

    This Is My First Time Watching Your Daycare Video’s Well I Have Seen Your Other Video’s

  • L.D. Mcmullin 5 months ago

    Poor Goldy

  • Kimberly J Bramer 5 months ago

    Flader my sadder

  • Jonnathan Nguyen 5 months ago

    In real life your nice but in minecraft why mean plz be nice to everyone why her and him

  • Jonnathan Nguyen 5 months ago

    Only thing that will make me like you is you don’t like ryan

  • Pixlated Frokie 5 months ago

    XD saber:Hole in the wall
    Hole in the Wall use to be A show

  • Annalize Olivierl 5 months ago

    Tina voice SO FRIEKIN CUTE😍😍😍😍

  • Christian Savis 5 months ago

    THIS IS AMAZING keep it up Tina / ash XD

  • Nicole Vazquez 5 months ago

    When are you gonna make new videos tina

  • Dian Jiang 5 months ago

    My name is Tina Too

  • BlackhawkGamerBoi 5 months ago

    Hey Tina, i mean Ash503, can I join Daycare

  • david alvarez 5 months ago

    am going to tell goldy mc

  • lets cat party 5 months ago

    tina would you rather ryan loves u but he leaves the daycare and never sees you again or ryan thinks your ok but stay at daycare and see him everywhere

  • Dashawn Caruthers 5 months ago

    Tina DATE Ryan and more weird things

  • Gunnar Swiggum 5 months ago

    Do the video where you and Ryan go to the mall and meet Santa at the end of the video

  • Ziyon Arthurton 5 months ago

    You is ugle birch you need to stop

  • Rainbow KingYT 5 months ago

    Tina so cute

  • Keegan Jones 5 months ago

    Ash should be apart of the proper idiots/proper dummies right ?

  • MyNameJeffy2 5 months ago

    All I look is at her face and don’t pay attention and btw eyebrows on flek

  • MyNameJeffy2 5 months ago

    She looks amazing

  • MyNameJeffy2 5 months ago

    Can you post every day

  • May of Adelaide 5 months ago

    oooooh my god i really wanted to know how did tina the tiger but your tiger wonsie

  • May of Adelaide 5 months ago

    #R.I.P Goldy_Mc

  • G. Woolfolk 5 months ago

    Your so mean to goldy

  • bryece dawson 5 months ago

    Tina you are the best!
    I hope you get 1,000000,00000000,000000000 subscribers Tina!
    And tell Derp that him and Ryan are also amazing and I play minecraft too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moetu Togia 5 months ago

    I’m knew I subscribed Tina

  • Jamie Fields 5 months ago

    Make more videos

  • EMERSON RODRIGUEZ 5 months ago

    I YouTube people and l brother name Diego and my brother is a YouTube name Emerson Rodriguez and my name is Diego and Tina l mad little because you mean to favermysabre and you would not let Sabre in the slingshot club secret and not watch you our channel because l wanted you to put Saber in to the slingshot secret club

  • The yes king 5 months ago

    Tina y do you love tiger

  • kymberlee peden 5 months ago

    u look like a stupid ,ugly cat when u get mad . its just stupid ;-; ur mouth looks like a baby crying ._.

  • Brandon Avlies 5 months ago

    make more tins

  • Brandon Avlies 5 months ago

    make more tina

  • Yumiko Bonbon 5 months ago


  • Joshua Heath 5 months ago

    Hi tina

  • rafhael diesel gonzales 5 months ago

    ryan+tina the tiger

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