• Elma Saldana 7 months ago

    Ryan is turning into a mean person

    This is not the Ryan we now. Ho agrees with me. Because i now Ryan very god this is not him i now.

  • Shadow Knight 7 months ago

    Ryan ur so mean xD

  • Brooke Hale 7 months ago

    you shold ask tina if she still loves you

  • ASSASSIN DOGE 2 7 months ago

    You mad bro

  • Shirley Kennedy 7 months ago

    do a video when. shark. and sabre come back and meet goldy. and unicornman

  • Clapcookie Swirl9878111 7 months ago

    Unicorn mann is like:goldy goldy where’s goldy

  • David Dilger 7 months ago


  • z shadow 7 months ago

    Why does ryan do that there babies first cows know adorable piggies his a great youtuber but dont kill piggies do what u want but dont kill piggies!!!!!

  • z shadow 7 months ago

    #save the piggies

  • BombGaming PALADINS AND MORE!!! 7 months ago


  • zoey kiser 7 months ago

    Ryan I’m begging you plz do romance with tina

  • Chadwick Pete 7 months ago

    Why is mr.red gone again

  • Isaiah Turner 7 months ago

    ryguyrocky is almost the best YouTuber ever

  • Cheer Galore 7 months ago

    The handcuffed to burt vids hella funny doods check it out fr

  • MattyP Gaming! 7 months ago

    Hey guys. I’m new to YouTube. For more content and games. Come sub to me and I’ll sub back!

  • Joanne Valdez 7 months ago

    Why isn’t shark and sabre in daycare anymore

  • Minecraft Gamer 7 months ago

    Tina u mad bruh lol

  • Minecraft Gamer 7 months ago

    And also why you killing the most innocent little piglets

  • Minecraft Gamer 7 months ago

    12:47 lol really Ryan lol XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Minecraft Gamer 7 months ago

    17:12 oh my god you got her good(●__●)

  • Frederick Torres 7 months ago

    Ryan im not being mean but your such a jerk to tina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ‘w’ ^w^
    Hope your not mad at me ………….

  • Oksana Shopsha 7 months ago

    WhAT isZ tHiz outro its so goooood

  • Justin Miller 7 months ago

    Hi your video are awesome

  • Viber gaming 7 months ago

    He dones not upload that much

  • jeremy Ramirez 7 months ago

    Any one hear the f word

  • Theopd Rtyk 7 months ago

    Can you put in shark and sabor

  • Alexander Gonzales 7 months ago

    TINA = DUNKED ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KenO Let's Plays 7 months ago

    11:16 yes you have

  • Kristy Parker 7 months ago

    Please make another vid I’m getting bourd

  • lavina faragalla 7 months ago

    lol haha yay she got prank atcthe pumkin

  • feras man 7 months ago

    How come the last vid was 20 minutes but this one is 18 minutes

  • Super Pro 7 months ago

    LOL that is a series that ended daycare is still here though

  • TITANIUM HERO 7 months ago

    Melon log

  • Josh josh 7 months ago


  • Unbidmars22490 7 months ago

    Make a survival role play like area 31-33

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