• Tony Publiski 4 weeks ago

    by 300 318

  • annie dafighter 4 weeks ago

    Unicornman + Goldy
    That’s the Ship

  • UnicornMan X Goldy 4 weeks ago

    Unicornman and goldy are the Best OTP and I hope unicorn man ends up kissing her I hope on Christmas!

  • UnicornMan X Goldy 4 weeks ago

    Unicornman x goldy

  • Karma LMAO 4 weeks ago

    I hope Unicornman Wins Goldy I’ve kinda been watching this with my sis and can see something between unicorn and goldy

  • Shyskyler _1 4 weeks ago

    That ending tho XD

  • Andrea Abraham 4 weeks ago

    U had so much loot bro

  • Christian Victorino 4 weeks ago

    I ship Goldy x Sabre

  • ItsJustTina 4 weeks ago

    Ryan sounds dead inside

  • Elizabeth Nieto 4 weeks ago

    Tell Ryan that there should be a episode where Gold and Tina get kidnapped and tortured for Ryans and Sabres weaknesses when they ( the people who kidnapped them) really know that they have their weaknesses and are hurting Tina and Goldy to hurt you and Ryan. But in order to save them you guys have to say you love them ( and mean it!) and kiss them. But you also need to carry them out of the kidnappers place.

  • Alfred Monico 4 weeks ago

    Goldy: she doesn’t like me… 🙁
    Sabre : that’s okay, I li– let’s go find unicorn man
    Goldy: wha???

  • Trey Williams 4 weeks ago

    Make super heros

  • 123 Fishey 4 weeks ago

    Give goldy back to unicorn ;( unigoldy/unigoldy 4 ever!

  • Guest 2 4 weeks ago


  • Priscilla Taing 4 weeks ago

    Ryan was sitting outside in the cold eating ice cream with no clothes on and suddenly when he freezes he gets clothes?Doesnt make sense to me

  • Abby Angel 4 weeks ago


  • LUKE DIES IN THE LAST JEDI!!!!!! Spoiler alert

  • LM10Rafael 10 4 weeks ago

    UnicornMan: Goldy I need-
    UnicornMan:to tell you something
    Goldy: Ok bud tell me?
    UnicornMan: I like-
    Sabre: *kissess goldy*
    Goldy: *kissess back*
    UnicornMan: You * cries*
    Plz no one take ths offensive no judgment pls
    (Sry UnicornMan ad goldy shippers)

  • SQUISHY CHICK YT 4 weeks ago

    There should be a cristmas kiss 😃 lol

  • Glowstick king 4 weeks ago

    Yes Tina is not here

  • Aaron Austin 4 weeks ago

    No Christmas is tomorrow

  • Anor Marcus 4 weeks ago

    My family celebrates Christmas Tommorow, so fight me and my sentimental feeling

  • Vipershot22 4 weeks ago

    I’m waiting till sabre finds the cheese in the vents

  • Daniel Cambongga 4 weeks ago

    Sabre wy bont you just kiss goldy if you like her 😙

  • Stephanie Bartuch 4 weeks ago

    sabre is in love  with tina

  • Ayanna Herisson 4 weeks ago

    Jingle bells Goldy smells sabre laid an egg unicornmann did an experiment and ended up dead hey

  • LM10Rafael 10 4 weeks ago


  • 09Sharkboy The Master of Power Adventures 4 weeks ago


  • Cute Rainbow 4 weeks ago

    I love the ending

  • yu heng soon 4 weeks ago

    You take off you skin and wear you old skin to show Ryan

  • MrWaffleCakeJP _ 4 weeks ago

    Sabre please bring back 09tunafish back. 🙂

  • J Mike 4 weeks ago


  • LuvDaFire 2006 4 weeks ago

    Sabre, a homie is someone you can’t date

  • Lawrence Gray 4 weeks ago

    I think saber like goldy

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