• Little Casper 3 months ago

    This all I lie this is not possible

  • molly Barton 3 months ago

    Tina I thort you was the best caricter but now it’s Ryan is beter

  • Little Casper 3 months ago

    Ryan to break the spell you must say you like tina

  • michael white 3 months ago

    Tina: Come here Ryan 😉
    Ryan: No I don’t like you, get out my face and leave me alone

  • Little Casper 3 months ago

    Not as a friend but a girlfriend

  • Glitter Gamer21 3 months ago

    This vid FREAKED ME OUT SO MUCH!!!!! But did any one else hear unicorn say “oh goldy” at the end??

  • Bros. Mendoza 3 months ago

    This is my Tina impersonation:nooooooooooouuuuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhh

  • Brandi Martinez 3 months ago

    Tena is a control freak for Christmas

  • Shane Chavez 3 months ago


  • Isaac Haynes 3 months ago

    Kill tine

  • ShadowWolfXL 3 months ago

    “She wanted it anyway.” Bow chika bow wowSorry it’s a red vs blue reference.

  • Unspeakablegam ing 3 months ago

    Goldy sucks Tina

  • iiGalaxy iiVoid 3 months ago

    Also episode idea
    After your roleplay go to your house in-game while recording and play games with Tina on the laptop

  • Kayler Delgado 3 months ago

    Ha it worked

  • Pikachu Rockstar 3 months ago

    #goangiensteviltinaandunicornmanforcallingryanabully #calledtinaeviltinabecauseeeeee GOLDY SSMELLS🤮

  • Alex Clemens 3 months ago

    Where’s sabre

  • Spextronix 3 months ago

    “Tina is officially lesbian(has’nt seen video)” Everyone claps

  • The OverMind 3 months ago

    #uni = Goldy

  • The OverMind 3 months ago

    Sub to ryguy

  • The OverMind 3 months ago

    Sub to everyone!!!!!!

  • The OverMind 3 months ago


  • Adyn Norris 3 months ago


  • Joshua McConnell 3 months ago

    are you the owner of the server if so BAN TINA

  • Yamira Aguiar 3 months ago

    I hated that…UNICORN MAN!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!! I SWEAR IF I WAS IN THERE I WOULD KILL YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!!! *ahem* but now its over I can lay off you….for now! >:) hehe byyeee..

  • swag master 3 months ago


  • My Softball Life 3 months ago

    did ryan break the fourth wall?

  • SHEREZADA MAGAÑA 3 months ago

    I love your videos and I watch your videos every day. 😍😘😍

  • Tikaili GamerGirl 3 months ago

    Awww I love when Tina became besties with Goldy

  • My Softball Life 3 months ago

    weirdest. episode. ever.

  • Archelaus Cyril Paat 3 months ago

    tina is a loser

  • Archelaus Cyril Paat 3 months ago

    why they bitting up ryan if im there they lose

  • Archelaus Cyril Paat 3 months ago

    stopet tinaaaaaa im mad

  • Ultimate Boredom 3 months ago

    This was a dream come true (TinaxGoldy)

  • GabyDa Wolf 3 months ago


  • Buddy The Westiebet 3 months ago

    WERES SABRE or am I watching the wrong video?

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