• Dash Sky Lighting 3 weeks ago

    Bruh like shes so mad at u chill ryan

  • head shot pro 3 weeks ago

    18:46 you can do this unicorn man lol

  • Olivia Foster 3 weeks ago


  • Perla Chacon 3 weeks ago

    Plzzz give me a shoutout i love your vids plzzzz

  • cashis ali 3 weeks ago

    Yay I’m in your friend group

  • cashis ali 3 weeks ago

    I’m in your fan gruop

  • Owen Thompson 3 weeks ago

    Ryan what do you use to play Minecraft

  • Lukas Daly 3 weeks ago


  • Error! Studies 3 weeks ago


  • lovecreated07 3 weeks ago


  • waffle girl 3 weeks ago

    Ryan stop being a jerk to Tina and just kiss eachother😒

  • Jack Sargent 3 weeks ago

    Poor tea kettle

  • Jonathan Morales 3 weeks ago

    Tell Tina that fuch you

  • Aqis Thomas 3 weeks ago

    Why you break up you too are a perfect couple

  • Ryley Pitman 3 weeks ago

    I’m really late I was on vaca

  • Max Luffy 3 weeks ago

    Bring back shark plz

  • justyna kulfan 3 weeks ago

    Lol…good luck with the love Ryan…

  • Foz West 3 weeks ago


  • Foz West 3 weeks ago

    PM 3:35

  • Addison Fitzner 3 weeks ago

    At exactly at 0:27-0:28someone in the discord chat said F*** you

  • Liberty magnuson 3 weeks ago

    ryan you were a butt this episode be nice to Tina

  • Liberty magnuson 3 weeks ago

    but you rock love your vids and proper life

  • TheTopGaming Games 3 weeks ago

    Ryguy is England is my city?

  • Victor Trujillo 3 weeks ago


  • Madox Benner 3 weeks ago

    Don’t be mean to Tina just make it up to her

  • MineTurtle Productions 3 weeks ago

    Ryan I’m Disappointed in You…. you can’t see how much she really loves you….

  • Gage Gaming2268 3 weeks ago


  • Thatweirdcrazyguy 3 weeks ago

    7:47 I thought my stomach was rumbling XD

  • Shamir Davis 3 weeks ago

    Get shark back

  • Student Joshua Godson 3 weeks ago

    Unicorn man:my muscles hurt.

    Me:What muscles…?

  • Student Joshua Godson 3 weeks ago


    Tina: Goldy won.

    Me:for the first time in forever.

  • Desirae Hutton 3 weeks ago

    I liked because you are rude to Tina

  • Carter Frank 3 weeks ago

    ryan can I have your junicakes?

  • Fakhriy Ariq 3 weeks ago

    Hey tina death say hi from hell is coming to see you

  • The Turtle Bro 3 weeks ago

    Congratulations on getting 1Million subs

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