• Emily Ramos 8 months ago

    Hey ryan can u make a video that tina took of her tiger suit

  • Chara_ 0909 8 months ago

    Director Will You Be With Thomas Or Derps Mom

  • Heather Murray 8 months ago

    No they would droned you then he he would go for the kill

  • Heather Murray 8 months ago


  • Joe Waggoner 8 months ago

    Thanks you too I hope to hear fro the you tube videos and I hope you feel better and I can do that but I.

  • Kwang Choi 8 months ago


  • AndyTabby Beroni 8 months ago

    lick the dumpster or lick the street…Iv’e done both!

  • Hero Guy78 8 months ago

    Blubber boyy really LOL

  • Lidia Milostic 8 months ago

    Almost 11. Mil

  • Lidia Milostic 8 months ago

    Serf was giving it fo free

  • Nathaniel Zane Jakosalem 8 months ago

    Tina: we should go to the beach

    me:”Jumps off bulding screaming NONONOOOOOO!!!!! NO DATING YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!!!

  • R0bl0xic 8 months ago

    Tina to Ryan:would you rather kiss me of goldy

  • ben russell 7 months ago

    i miss saber and shark

  • ely5670 7 months ago

    Iz likZ Youz

  • Kimberly Randall 7 months ago

    ryan you shod do a intro song

  • Tyler Hill 7 months ago

    I LOVE U

  • itssoulcraft 7 months ago

    i have the fire rune lol right

  • Shadow Fredbear 7 months ago

    Has anyone seen FNAF the Musical

  • Oscar D 7 months ago


  • Oscar D 7 months ago

    Hi I am a fan

  • MrFlame 7 months ago

    10:38 just where gloves

  • YTCoolBoy99 7 months ago

    REPLAY THE SCENE: Ryan: Yeh, the moon is really pretty Tina, like…..like………like you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crystal Aviles 7 months ago

    I Love pink flufy unicorn

  • William Benz 7 months ago

    What the heak he killed the director twice

  • William Benz 7 months ago

    There is a lot of killing for a daycare

  • William Benz 7 months ago

    … there is a love triangel and a homacidel child

  • William Benz 7 months ago

    And they also started a satanic cult

  • Vanossgaming Beloy 7 months ago

    Get hit in the face lol

  • bismuth dragon 7 months ago

    I wish I could be in one of these but I’m always so busy with school

  • Malcolm Tarvin 7 months ago

    Make derp talk like if u agree

  • Aidan Lorenzo 7 months ago

    Hey Ryan why don’t you put shark anymore or laser I knew I loved your old shows the ones that you haven’t all the characters so why do you keep making the ones were shark and Laser okay

  • Alan Tellez 7 months ago

    Tiene que elegir a una delas dos

  • Mangle and Foxy 7 months ago

    I love u

  • Priscilla Engelmoer 7 months ago

    We Hit 5K Like u asked

  • Donna Mauger 7 months ago

    Lick the steet

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