• Damian Hetherton 1 week ago

    I think Tina is cute

  • TheBluezStreak 1 week ago

    Eggs and toast or pancakes and bread 😉

  • Zane Brian 1 week ago

    I just realized that pandafire11 was Dave

  • LifeofKC 1 week ago

    Did anyone else know that his p***s dad said eggs and toast and it’s actually bacon is it just me or leave a like if you noticed that

  • Kaden Veverka 1 week ago

    I love your vids but thats not eggs and toast lel.

  • punkyy 01 1 week ago


  • Mya Mihara 1 week ago

    Can you make and episode where goldy and Sal are dating and unicornman get jelaulos and confesed to goldy that he likes her more like love her and than you can make up the rest put it on goldys channel

  • BAB Brooke B. 1 week ago

    the next should be where than asks you to be his girlfriend in private but you dad finds out and wants to ruin his handsome face

  • Blue slime XD 1 week ago

    She hit her dad in the time 1:15 list in closely to the hiring sound

  • Blue slime XD 1 week ago

    Or 1:13 to 1:16

  • XCreeper_gamer _x 1 week ago

    Hey guys what team r u on kat and tony or tony and sky!??!

  • John Martinez 1 week ago

    Tina u stupid

  • Dragon Flame 1 week ago

    Savage TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aiden _AZYT 1 week ago

    We need more

  • Guitar PLW 1 week ago

    Interesting video

  • Jojo Henke 1 week ago


  • Its Potato 1 week ago


  • Alyssa Jair Cortez 1 week ago

    Jayce 😍

  • # couples crystal 1 week ago

    This is one of the best episode from one of the best minecraft animation !

  • Josue Gonzalez 1 week ago

    Is it just me or does tina sound cute as hell in the beginning

  • Mechanicalplant 5474 1 week ago

    Wait who is the mom and was she a lion because Tina and Tony are both tigers

  • Josue Gonzalez 1 week ago

    I want that jacket

  • Felicia Sanchez 1 week ago


  • Adam Ferrier 1 week ago

    1:30 Nigga those are waffles

  • Percabeth Megalucario 1 week ago

    Tina: how much do you like him? On a scale of 1 to 10

    Kat: 11

    Me: I have heard this one so many times I expected that

  • The Pheonix 1 week ago

    Sky looks like Spongebobs mom coming home with a bucket of weed.

  • The Pheonix 1 week ago


  • The Pheonix 1 week ago

    Shes still not cute though

  • laith yousef 1 week ago

    Can i be in this tina? please reply yes or no please

  • ken zxp 1 week ago

    kat mad

    Me: damn girl why you so mad

  • Lala Ybanez 1 week ago

    wait won’t shark be angry because in daycare season 1 he was with kat -_-

  • lets cat party 1 week ago

    more vids!

  • Max C 1 week ago

    6:04 look at unicorn speedily walking XD

  • foxy lady 1 week ago

    4:25 is that sky wow her skin is super cute candy power(sugar rush)

  • foxy lady 1 week ago

    The thumbnail trew me off

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