• Miusosoup Minecraft 3 months ago

    I want to make video with you Keralis

  • Karen B 3 months ago

    please more minecraft, keralis!

  • Michael Laine 3 months ago

    Ya I agree with SVR DIVINE and please do some Minecraft Tutorials cause we miss it

  • Benjamin Tarrant 3 months ago

    Yas Minecraft is back!!!!

  • dogarusgaming 3 months ago

    Keralis please come back! You are an inspiration to minecraft builders all over the world! I don’t mind you not doing your amazing tutorials, but at least continue the inspiration series! Hope you at least consider thinking about it!

    Best regards,
    Edward J. Smith

  • Amera Riaz 3 months ago

    Keralis i love your minecraft tutorials please make some tutorial videos more

  • Alfred Indra W 3 months ago

    Can i press the Like button?

  • Lennart Tegner 3 months ago

    This Build is just Beyond minecraft. Im lacking words here…..

  • Elysium Fire 3 months ago

    Thank for your support, we hope you enjoyed the map !

  • Mertan Ismet 3 months ago

    Please continue your let’s builds 😢 You told that the underground house will have a pool and garden, but you didn’t finish it 😕 I miss your let’s builds 😟

  • Harum Afif 3 months ago


  • T-BONATION !! 3 months ago

    minecraft is back yessssss

  • Grayson Soldahl 3 months ago

    This would be a fun map to start a pvp server with

  • ChillySunny 3 months ago

    ElysiumFire have epic timelapse on their channel of building it, I recommend check it out.

  • FunkyBear 3 months ago

    Really abslolutely awesome

  • Jose David Aguirre Hurtado 3 months ago

    Was this made by one person? How much time did it take? This is just amazing

  • sam greggs 3 months ago

    What shaders were used in this?

  • 雷霜 Minecraft Short Film 3 months ago

    Building a world…omg.

  • FlizRoll 3 months ago


  • Keyboard Warrior 3 months ago

    Plz do more Minecraft videos

  • Lol Mol 3 months ago


  • Bossking 3 months ago

    #bringbackinnerjourney back ground music

  • Kronos 3 months ago

    Finally bring back the minecraft series

  • Darkgamer lp2 3 months ago

    ** Free Outro! Check out my other videos too please 😀

  • Talosaga Pritchard 3 months ago

    wow that epic

  • Slap A Cow 3 months ago

    YEAH! it back

  • Wenderson Lindenbërg 3 months ago

    ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

  • DieHun 3 months ago

    man i would love to see a fantasy/medieval building series with the conquest texture pack <3

  • Joe 5 3 months ago

    Keralis and doc, good times

  • Ash Assasin 3 months ago

    More minecraft please!!!

  • corivian 3 months ago

    Welcome back to minecraft!

  • James hutchinson 3 months ago

    what hapend to city skylines

  • 17:55 Thats scary :O

  • This is my first video on this channel. I can certainly say I am not disappointed! You can expect a new follower on this Inspiration series!

  • Turboxide 3 months ago

    I hope this means you’re coming back on minecraft! WOK really misses you.

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