• Cian Katigbac 2 weeks ago

    You can fit trough 1 block holes when sprinting in water

  • jeffrey abredes 2 weeks ago

    At mcpe you can swim and has swimming animation (1.5.0v beta) and can swim 1 block when you sprint in water wonder how it works on pc

  • Logan Scheffer 2 weeks ago

    Hey I haven’t watched in 1 year

  • Thanaporn Supakit 2 weeks ago

    Jen lie. Don’t lie

  • Da reel Progamezz9978 2 weeks ago

    Why u no play reel granny mobile game

  • TH150977 2 weeks ago

    3:47 headphone users death

  • EJ Calubaquib 2 weeks ago

    Pat haid in the closet so sh will not find you

  • Joven Sumido 2 weeks ago

    Plz play granny the realgame

  • Joven Sumido 2 weeks ago

    Pat your videos is the best

  • Wolfy chic 2 weeks ago

    I hope u dont break up or get a divorce becuz liza koshy and david dobrik(or howevur u spell it)broke up

    Lufe is sad

  • Joven Sumido 2 weeks ago

    Grannys scary but its not scary cause of you guys you did your best

  • Christopher Gorton 2 weeks ago

    You do realize the reason for it beeing in a snapshot is so you can use aquatic update fetchers…..

  • DARK NINJA 2 weeks ago

    That granny game is fake and uhh when jen took a bath that was a blood

  • allison will 2 weeks ago

    WHY?! THERES SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY COMPUTER! APARENTLY, I CAN GET NOTIFICATIONS! I tapped the Bell, the Subscribe Button, And even clicked ‘Show Notifications’ and I still don’t get em’! i missed a lot of episodes… WHY!?

  • allison will 2 weeks ago

    Oh wait… I didn’t mean CAN, I meant CAN’T. BUT STILL! WHY DID IT HAPPEN TO ME?!

  • Ilikepotatoes :3 2 weeks ago

    Play the original granny. And you’ll understand everything

  • ProPexGamerTheReal1 2 weeks ago

    xD the scream of jen is so cute

  • OPPA'S CHANNEL 2 Benitez Family 2 weeks ago

    Hi this is from OPPA’S CHANNEL hi pat and jen I love your vids so much please reply

  • ury sampen 2 weeks ago

    I think that castle belongs to slenderina,granny is slenderina’s grandmother

  • Blaize Philip del Rosario 2 weeks ago

    Play the real Granny guys, plus they didn’t know there running on 1.5.1 v1 meaning the “Aquatic update.”

  • hansel moral 2 weeks ago

    Ads ads every where

  • Mateo Alcaraz 2 weeks ago

    She Said Holy —- At 7:56


    What happened to mining simulator on roblox

  • Christelle Vella 2 weeks ago

    Guys I’m sick please give me 1 like then my life will be happy again

  • Sylveon211 big fan Megan 2 weeks ago

    My ear is hurt alitel when jen scream

  • Sendry Elizabeth 2 weeks ago

    Pla play the origle grany the thing like thr closet and you need too yous the bow on grany

  • dwanglberries wheelz 2 weeks ago

    I ♡ Minecraft

  • MINDA BALUYUT 2 weeks ago

    Plsss play the mobile game granny

  • David Beardsley 2 weeks ago

    Play original granny!!!!!! Do it🔥

  • MINDA BALUYUT 2 weeks ago

    Oh she has a husband its grandpa

  • Boxing Man101 2 weeks ago

    This is scary 😮

  • ฐปนรรฆ์ วีระพงษ์ศิริ 2 weeks ago

    Gwanma scwawy!

  • MINDA BALUYUT 2 weeks ago

    Wouth you rather play bendy and the ink machine or baldi education

  • Aubrey Stoneking 2 weeks ago

    Pat:is that we’re she lives
    Latter …….
    Grany:do you want to play seeeeeeeek
    Pat & Jen:no
    Me:well ok
    Cat:*flys to Pat*
    Granny:got you Pat
    Me:well he’s died

  • gabby is determined 2 weeks ago

    She dose not live in a castle she lives in a house in the midle of the woods

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