• Adriana Garcia 3 weeks ago

    ropo and jack are funny and I love your video awsome

  • Candie CantAnimate 3 weeks ago

    why do i imagine this?
    *ropo is speaking into mic 20 inches away*
    *sniffs a inch close to the mic*

  • Janja Hyena 3 weeks ago

    More .exe pls 😀

  • Austin Brooks 3 weeks ago

    Ropo. Exe needs more .EXE

  • Gaming with Eddie 167 3 weeks ago

    This is boring

  • Lee Avis 3 weeks ago

    Exe is more butter to be with more powerful than other super hero all hero’s can trun into exe

  • Jian Tatoy 3 weeks ago

    its mean hello sinyorito

  • Jian Tatoy 3 weeks ago

    its means hello sinyorito kamusta

  • Abel Sanarrucia 3 weeks ago

    Little ropo

  • Raenna Johnson 3 weeks ago

    Hi topic great video bro say do you want to play roblox together

  • diamond boy 3 weeks ago

    I have new channel my channel is diamond boy 3 video only

  • the snoop i 3 weeks ago

    Stop with the .exe vid ropo I love u but no more .exe just. End it please I’m begging I won’t unsubscribe but please end this

  • Tanay Ajith 3 weeks ago

    I would be on the good side

  • InCommand YT 3 weeks ago

    Do Thanos.exe like if you agree

  • kitten playz 3 weeks ago

    I’m Getting worried i like this series but when will they cure ropo? I want the old one back!

  • rheland GO Go 3 weeks ago

    DamDam you ar ropo

  • Crambleilys !!!! 3 weeks ago

    Is ropo .exe dumb he can affect him when he puts him to sleep not dead also this isn’t realistic aslo why not shoot your way out just in case it isn’t reinforced

  • Demon Lord 3 weeks ago

    Nice vid ropo

  • Demon Lord 3 weeks ago

    Ropo you gotta convince Little Ally to come back we all miss her!

  • Luis altamirano 3 weeks ago

    RoPo please make jack a channal

  • Luis altamirano 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft.exe 2.0 idea: Venom.exe infects spider man untill a .exe then RoPo trys to go get the doctor back

  • Luis altamirano 3 weeks ago

    Please get the doctor back

  • Luis altamirano 3 weeks ago

    Wheres lil ally did she actually quit

  • calebgamer YT 3 weeks ago

    huh I am new

  • S Stirbis 3 weeks ago

    Your Spider-Man has a girl voice!

  • S Stirbis 3 weeks ago

    I have a question for you ropo .exe and the real life youtuber everweek you get a new villian that becomes a .exe or hero and you try to stop Jack and he usually turns them back or loses another hero so for the next video I have an idea have jack come to you to cure stark set a trap for him mix it up and make it he joins you willingly or you kill the avengers and half the city to much?

  • S Stirbis 3 weeks ago

    #SuperVillians forever except .exes they don’t count no powers or skills!

  • S Stirbis 3 weeks ago

    Ropo let jack cure 3 heroes but make sure they are weak heroes and use a .exe gas to turn them all evil!

  • Savy manthis 3 weeks ago

    Ropo can you do a whos your daddy with jack

  • cannon shark 3 weeks ago

    Jack get ropo and get him back to normal

  • Inka the octling 3 weeks ago

    Finally someone else who speaks Americish

  • brandon10 Alicea 3 weeks ago

    Hi I love .ExE

  • Tammy Keegan 2 weeks ago

    #ROPO.EXE IS SALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tammy Keegan 2 weeks ago


  • Happy Lightning 2 weeks ago

    Spiderman is the smartest kid in his school. He would not drop out of any classes

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