• Bridget Lee 2 weeks ago

    Seriously I just skipped everything and watched the end 😝 LOL 😝

  • Bridget Lee 2 weeks ago

    Btw make the next vid PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE 🙏 IM BEGGING YOU I LOVE THESE VIDS (since your my favourite youtuber

  • Alonzo Gregory 2 weeks ago

    Make a stronger exe ropo don’t die on us

  • Joel Witney 2 weeks ago

    I don’t want 3.0 virese

  • JetPlayz Mc 2 weeks ago

    This happened because of hello Neighbour

  • Haynes Arie 2 weeks ago

    please ropo fight the exe

  • Pedros Asgedom 2 weeks ago

    Ropo exe is dumb he fell into a trap

  • Mekinleigh Davids 2 weeks ago

    Ropo has very good jokes

  • Axel Animates 2 weeks ago

    Forever potion

  • Rodney VanAssche 2 weeks ago

    One million subs good job

  • Kane Nile 2 weeks ago

    Why didn’t you bite jack? you had so many chances! Yes I am voting for .exe side.

  • Hermano Shaapopi 2 weeks ago

    OMG Jack ur so smart and fuñnny

  • Jaymie Cook 2 weeks ago

    GET ROPO CURED PLEASE I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I love it)

  • Gamer carl Marcus arsenio 2 weeks ago


  • fahim habibi 2 weeks ago

    com on man work its been agest plz fight it
    exe is dumb

  • Anan Ejeilat 2 weeks ago

    Is this the end of ropo .EXE ?????!?!?!?

  • maryan jalil 2 weeks ago

    Can you enfet Thanos

  • littleicy wolfy 2 weeks ago

    ropo ur vidoes r off the charts in my book

  • Dead Snoopy 2 weeks ago

    What’s next plz I can’t wait! And plz don’t cure ropo

  • Tori Hall 2 weeks ago

    Ropo is. A noob haha jack is a smoker and a noob hahaha. Hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Tori Hall 2 weeks ago

    Hey jack your a poope hade

  • Tori Hall 2 weeks ago

    Ohhhhhh you gost got bund jack

  • Minecraft Builders Dream 2 weeks ago

    I liked every single comment on this vid including my own I have accomplished my mission all 189

  • Zeyad Hazama 2 weeks ago

    i want the real ropo back so bad

  • Jenna Truelove 2 weeks ago

    Ropo fight it

  • cool girl games Rodgers 2 weeks ago

    Yes Spiderman

  • Buch Songco 2 weeks ago

    Come on !

  • Jovita Badillo 2 weeks ago

    just break the windows and go through the window

  • สิน เสียง 2 weeks ago

    Yes jack capture ropo

  • สิน เสียง 2 weeks ago

    Make next episode tomorrow ok you are my best little club ropo

  • Ryland Reyes 2 weeks ago


  • Bosco Teo 2 weeks ago

    Ropo almost cure!!

  • Ahmad Shah Nasarudin 2 weeks ago

    Let Ropo get cured. If he dont I’ll be there but with jack

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