• TheMaria1183 4 weeks ago

    Preston 😎

  • TrainerLeo15 4 weeks ago

    Kenny’s got a better hat

  • King of the rock 4 weeks ago

    Preston has the greatest hat in the best fashon

  • xxRocketProxx 4 weeks ago

    Preston has the best hat

  • xxRocketProxx 4 weeks ago

    Preston is the winner and kenston is the loser

  • Kommander Kitty 4 weeks ago

    T O D A Y I S A N E W D A W N

  • Tarek Gamer 4 weeks ago

    ha ha ha preston you are my bast YouTuber

  • Chase Morocco 4 weeks ago

    I just subscribed December 24, 2017

  • AJ Battles 4 weeks ago

    Apparently Preston is the dropper king and parkour king 🤴

  • Rachel Handley 3 weeks ago

    Both Are best

  • Kristi Treece 3 weeks ago

    Preston has a better swag hat

  • Felix Anderson 3 weeks ago

    Merry Christmas Prreston

  • Preston James 3 weeks ago

    Preston do you know you have my same name and your Christmas hat is better

  • Chris Wilkinson 3 weeks ago


  • Isaac Thompson 3 weeks ago

    Preston has a.better quality hat like if you agree👍 (why am I am asking people to like this nobody like me anyways)

  • James Thomas 3 weeks ago


  • kimball playz 3 weeks ago

    kenny has the better hat

  • Augustin So 3 weeks ago

    Kenny’s hat is OBVIOUSLY BETTER

  • Scrumptious 3 weeks ago

    popularmmo did this map with jen

  • Mindy Leary 3 weeks ago


  • Gangster_Zebra 3 weeks ago

    Who else realized that there were more jumpcuts than ever?

  • Travis Joseph 3 weeks ago

    Preston has the best hat

  • Dylen Lorance 3 weeks ago

    Preston seems like a virgin

  • Gamesel 3 weeks ago

    Preston my sister got me the same hoodie your wearing for Christmas it is super comfy and I LOVE it! Now I have 2 hoodie 1 black one white and an original fire tee

  • cashn tech 3 weeks ago

    P PrestonPlayz is the hack Twitter and you should do a mego dropper challenge

  • Greninja Playz 3 weeks ago

    Preston is the parkour and pvp king!!

  • Rapid Fire 3 weeks ago

    I hate waiting for Kenny

  • Aran Bojorquez 3 weeks ago

    vivo jhvmvob

  • Серёжа Ильенко 3 weeks ago


  • KingSquishy 3 weeks ago

    Dude you roasted Kenny hardcore

  • ALeonard (Rasmussen College) 3 weeks ago

    hmm… i wonder where the RAINBOW DROPPER WENT

  • ALeonard (Rasmussen College) 3 weeks ago

    OH NVM sorry 😛


    It is Xmas if you in USA yasss.

  • Korak Khadgi 3 weeks ago

    Gold digger

  • Ahmed Aahil 3 weeks ago

    i played that map before you even made this!(3 days before your vid)

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