• prank king09 pranks are my life 1 week ago

    I want him to learn reborn magic so he can bring owden back to life

  • Canye Johnson 1 week ago

    That’s a little lizard dragon they only attack when you get hit

  • Tom Walker 1 week ago

    Name it Haywood Please

  • TheBananaMaster 1 week ago

    Rooftop sniper only works with bows not any ranged attacked

  • Kallan Hook 1 week ago

    Odin nooooooooooooooooooooo

  • TheUnluckyThirteen 1 week ago

    Athena if its a girl, as Athena is a god of war and the hypogriph was a fighter.

  • The FancyCat999 1 week ago

    Xylophoney can you please name him genji because it looks like metal and sroows

  • King Me 1 week ago

    Xylo = Forever Alone Guy, he just can’t have any pets 😛

  • dragonwarrior zzz 1 week ago

    YES Odin die

  • Ricky Chhoeung 1 week ago

    ruby will only fight if u hit the mob

  • Albino Claw Gaming 1 week ago


  • Albino Claw Gaming 1 week ago


  • Barber Boys 1 week ago

    Waddles is SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Legends of Smokey Fur 1 week ago

    ruby queen of the skywings not a good fighter and fails to feel emotion

  • That Guy 1 week ago

    Turn off dynamic lights and you wont get that annoying lag when you use firebending

  • Zeinab ismail 1 week ago


  • Joshua Jones 1 week ago


  • Beck Petra 1 week ago


  • 황지빈 1 week ago


  • Barnaby Howard 1 week ago

    Thor: FATHER
    Odin: first aurora now me

  • TheTrueSquid 1 week ago


  • Jaymes Davee 1 week ago

    R.i.p Odin

  • Shadow Gamer 1 week ago

    Xylo are you going to learn combustion bending

  • Damyan Rupe 1 week ago

    You should name the white hypogriph after odins wife Fregg

  • Cameron Overson 1 week ago

    Make a shrine for odin

  • cody childers 1 week ago

    It’s kind of poetic odin died in thor ragnarok and odin died in fairy tail origins. btw sorry for your loss

  • Tracey Morris 1 week ago

    poor odin

  • Tracey Morris 1 week ago

    #RIP Odin 🙁

  • Hayley Jensen 1 week ago

    Yo sabre is one of the best other l8gams itsrichiew and you

  • Joe Karpanty 1 week ago

    If you somehow got the Ice dragon that tricked you, you could have named it “Loki”, the god of mischief and trickery.

  • Trey Williams 1 week ago

    Dragon armor you must kill in your enimies blood

  • Naziah- Beth Morris-Harris 1 week ago

    Bring Aurora back plz I’m begging you

  • Caleb Bates 6 days ago

    Thor Son Of Odin

  • Wolf Pack 6 days ago

    What mod is that cape from?

  • Aidan Sandifer 6 days ago

    Rip in loving memory of Odin born ????-episode 6.1 🙁

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