• TheMightyRager 4 days ago

    Only $399

  • Thane sportey 4 days ago

    Play fortnite ppppppppppplllllllllllllllllzzzźzzzzzzz

  • Brerach 4 days ago

    Lots of support dude lots of support coming from me

  • Stealthdiamond 2 4 days ago

    Sory I missed the live stream

  • Alfonso Montoya 4 days ago

    Came back after so many years. Still enjoyable…

  • Zeke Zeke 4 days ago

    Heart me senpaii~~~

  • Hey Vsauce, Micheal here 4 days ago

    6M subs and only 8.4k views

    Damn that sucks

  • zCuter 90 4 days ago

    There’s multiple herobrines

  • Typical KenGamerprobro 4 days ago

    Do a WSAD backwarda

  • Zachary McLaughlin 4 days ago

    Me:Mom I broke the computer. Mom:How? Me:mitch told me to smash the like button. Mom:what a idiot

  • Denny kudijevski 4 days ago


  • MechanizedMCPE 4 days ago

    Why are u losing views and sub’s It sucks tho

  • TheGamingShardCraft 4 days ago

    Comment no 70

  • KARLPLAYZGAMES 255 4 days ago

    bajan pls pray for ssundee

  • Notorious 4 days ago

    Damn this channels dead

  • Ariane Michael Rivera 4 days ago

    Whatabout extreme survival island?

  • Lazy Gaming Studios 4 days ago

    Colab w/ ssundee

  • poppyagnew 4 days ago

    I missed it because i had a soccer game

  • B-rtsns678 4 days ago

    When are you gonna make a hunger games video we miss them!!!

  • Markisit sure 4 days ago

    Report the teamers.

  • Alexis Williams 4 days ago

    He fell and my heart literally hit my belly.

  • Abhiram Gudimella 4 days ago

    23:37 OH GOD?HOW?WHY?

  • Rougetitan 808 4 days ago

    What about giveaway

  • Stalker Bleach 4 days ago

    teamers suck i know but what is worse is cleaners oh my gosh they ended my winstreak but it is not against the rules unlike teaming so ugh

  • stefanos psarris 4 days ago

    Unspeakable is very coolll

  • patrick lafleur 4 days ago

    do money war pls iwant to see more

  • Gabriel 1 Pereira 4 days ago

    Plz upload un benja

  • Jet E thomas 4 days ago


  • Charley Weaver 4 days ago

    Preston is the pvp god not u

  • Dragon_ Boy915 4 days ago

    hey Bajan whats your discord account?

  • Jlferran Clash 4 days ago


  • SpatchkidPlayz - Minecraft 3 days ago

    Speed build

  • MattyGaming821! 3 days ago

    Subscribe to me comment “done” and i will subscribe back

  • Monnapa Banchamek 3 days ago


  • Jayden Charles 3 days ago

    f*ck that

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