• guy didi 6 months ago

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  • Arrionne Higgins 6 months ago

    Ummmmmm…… Burt i love the post before the videos start, but maggie’s nose is gone, is not right. (Ziggy, not arrionne).

  • Kristin Wiebold 6 months ago

    Burt forgets that it was his son that asked Maggie’s daughter to run away WITH him.. sort of some thing when Burt asked Liz to run off with him… Like father like son and he is getting self righteous and thinking Maggie and her daughter are weird?
    Edward told Lindsey to run away with him and you guys better find lindsey too because it is all Edward’s fault that she is even out there.

  • c_lo 623 6 months ago


  • Kristin Wiebold 6 months ago

    And they didn’t bring any flashlights? or things to protect themselves?

  • Phantom Stuff 6 months ago

    Will eddy be pissed at Amanda

  • Chronic GrimR 6 months ago

    You should make the episodes longer again

  • Troll Gaming 6 months ago

    Make these longer

  • jackdoesgaming 6 months ago

    Hi I’m…

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  • FunnyMadd Games 6 months ago

    Jesus Amanda snaked the hell outta Edward

  • Orlando Ocasio 6 months ago

    freak you hurt right when it was getting interested

  • Makai Playz 6 months ago

    Here’s what gonna happen: Edward will stab his dad on accident thinking he’s an intruder. Burt will go to the hospital but will survive because he was stabbed with a pocket knife. He will have Edward stop seeing Amanda again and Liz will convince him that it was a accident and not because of Amanda and they will be together again and then Maggie will interfere saying that Edward is too dangerous for Amanda and they will break up again and then they will find out that Liz’s dad had a major heart attack and died. And then they will travel back to white wind to visit mom/Austin. That’s all I got

  • Isaiah Ortiz 6 months ago

    wow at the beast bart of the story and why dont you make a video evry daygive me a thomes up if you a gry

  • Overpowered Otaku 6 months ago

    Edward Is probably gonna stab Burt mistaking him for a coyote

  • Savage_dorito977 6 months ago

    that would be weird if ur ex becomes ur sister in law

  • Nathanator 2000 6 months ago

    Edward can’t help stabbing if he’s scared to death. He has to protect himself and he knows it. And his nerves tell him to stab because he doesn’t know what’s there. And what happened to the video being 12-14 minutes long?

  • The Fishing Pohl 6 months ago

    Why are the episodes getting shorter and shorter?

  • Mitch Carly Ashley Roblox Admin 6 months ago

    @Animal Love What if they got Austin (Josh’s brother) to watch over her.

  • Sushi samurai 6 months ago

    273 like

  • themairo galaxy2master 6 months ago

    Wouldn’t grounding him for running away make the issue worse

  • Wolfman 9000 6 months ago

    It’s not your fault your son’s a puss

  • Alpha Wolf 6 months ago

    That would be funny if Edward stabs Burt.

  • Fransisco Alvarez 6 months ago


  • the mega army plays 6 months ago

    Wait Megan voices maggie

  • ICMGold 6 months ago

    Burt. Grow. Up. MAGGIE. HAS. MOVED. ON.

  • Ella_Caticorn_PvP 6 months ago

    Burt’s best quote in my opinion is”God, I’m so out of shape.”

  • Springlocked Gamer 6 months ago

    Hi burt Afton here!!!!!

  • Jay Lee BOX 6 months ago

    Do a big episode

  • Solurian 6 months ago

    Usally I would talk about how big of a idiot Edward is but I’m tired so I really can’t be bothered lmao

  • Tmo7 Plays Roblox and Others 6 months ago

    At 2:06 He says I don’t even have shoes on then he said its again but in an Edward voice.

  • Sweet Koorn 6 months ago

    I’m still subbed?? And also what in the actual fuck happend to this channel this is weird and fucking retarded. XD

  • Miguel Rosales 6 months ago

    Make a vid that burt meets that guy who punch him in the eye

  • Just Dustin 6 months ago

    I love you Burt

  • BigShot Henry 6 months ago

    were is Amanda father at why ain’t he helping

  • Adrian Alejandres 6 months ago


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