• PopularMMOs 1 month ago

    Let us know if you want Jen’s point of view on this haha

  • Olek L 1 month ago

    Pat you could of used that final boss egg to win but you threw it when Jen was fighting you…

  • hajipasha sheikh 1 month ago

    on her channel i saw she got three dragon eggs in a row

  • john Evangelou 1 month ago

    You had 32 ender pearls on the first round and you didn’t use them

  • Matthew Smith 1 month ago

    First Unlucky Block, It disappeared
    Second Lucky Block, Pat & Jen: Ohh Helllo Auntie
    Third Unlucky Block, *Jen Screams*

  • Tae Tae 1 month ago

    make a sims 4 series

  • Rodman Torregoza 1 month ago

    You forgot you had enderpearl

  • Twisted Foxy 1 month ago

    Hello guys please go to this channel it’s called nightmare foxy is sorry to his bro go to it pls

  • Rinpuia Chenkual 1 month ago


  • Theo Stele 1 month ago


  • GalaxyUnicorn Pusheen 1 month ago


  • Alex PlaysMC 1 month ago

    13:25 you could break the window and throw an ender pearl out there

  • Mudabbir Ahmed 1 month ago


  • Preston the man 1 month ago

    Troll jen by giving here on luke un block that you label 100/ luke block

  • Justin White 1 month ago

    Pat always has to make a way so Jen can win. JUST PLAY THE GAME REGULARLY!!!

  • PointyNaga 1 month ago


  • Vijay Monroe 1 month ago

    pat you should of put the obsidian around your bed.

  • Jaeden Heisley See 1 month ago

    Pat trow something named spawn Angelic Tierra the final boss

  • Bart Cooper 1 month ago

    the funny thing is that you had almost three stacks of obsidian, and you didnt use it

  • Lorna Crowe 1 month ago

    i love you jen and pat

  • Lilith Gaming 1 month ago

    Pat Do You Now You Have Ender pearl From Miley Cyrus Well 😐😐😐

  • RAELYN SNYDER 1 month ago

    Pat you got a fantasian crafting table

  • keanu hopewell-henson 1 month ago

    Could you make a survival world with your favourite mods 😁😁😁😁

  • Ali Catil 1 month ago

    Jen screamed really loud

  • videos by Joy and Erica 1 month ago


  • Ali Catil 1 month ago

    & pat screamed really loud

  • Horsepower Girl 1 month ago

    I watch both views

  • Fantasy Crystals 1 month ago

    Im rewatching this in Pat’s view now

  • an addict 1 month ago


  • keanu hopewell-henson 1 month ago

    Yes you shall

  • Romy Rusli 1 month ago


  • Rasid Mamun Ar 1 month ago

    I love pat and jen subscribe to them I love you so much…

  • Jamesthewyvern456 1 month ago

    β€œOmg lots of hoes I got really exited but there is just a lot of hoes”

    -Jen 2018

  • Moosecraft #1 1 month ago

    You mist the crafting table

  • Richard Edon 1 month ago

    Fake jen

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