• PopularMMOs 4 months ago

    Enjoy guys!!! 2 vids once again!! I will be commenting to a bunch of you!

  • Zigzag Clan 4 months ago

    I subed

  • Destihana Manurung 4 months ago

    To PAT and JEN:
    Do you guys think that SANTA is not real??
    My mom always said that santa wasn’t real and that really break my heart. So, i check in youtube. is santa real or not, i cheking it. There so many santa sightings!!!


  • BeastMaster 64 4 months ago


  • Ryder Montoya 4 months ago

    hey hen and pat

  • Ryder Montoya 4 months ago


  • Denise Hughes 4 months ago

    im gonna check every single urinal ~jen 2017

  • Anis Kadri 4 months ago


  • Ana De Pina 4 months ago


  • Hoàng Đức Đào 4 months ago


  • Tickboy The Beast 4 months ago


  • Maya Cutey 4 months ago

    They’re are doing the best videos

  • Bear Bear 4 months ago


  • NeonWaterMelon Gaming 4 months ago

    I vote Jen

  • Super sniperpro 4 months ago

    Popularmmos v Logdotzip YouTuber challenge games

  • kham coo 4 months ago

    Plz make a vid of taking cloud a bath!!! I was wondering what his reaction would be as he looks stinky and he is such a savage! No cucumber scared him tho. Like if agree! In case he gets angry, I suggest you give him bread -_-

  • Hoang Xuan Lan 4 months ago

    I love food

  • Sejvi Koi 4 months ago


  • Ty and Co Card Openings 4 months ago


  • AbbieAnimated 4 months ago

    Pat what’s your favourite colour??

  • Gray Zone 4 months ago


  • Tyler Phillips 4 months ago

    Every single urinal

  • ZekromTV ? 4 months ago

    What the heck.

  • logan gibson 4 months ago


  • Sarah Elizabeth 4 months ago

    I love find the bottom

  • Aurora-Lexia Appleget 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought the thumbnail was pat and jens the crafting dead house?

  • Bryan Novo 4 months ago

    0:00 coolness

  • Mason Martin 4 months ago

    Love it

  • TheInfinityCat 348 4 months ago

    Doughnut read the book and go get me some tim hortons

  • Susan Laird-Miller 4 months ago

    when pat said whos gonna win i expected jen to say me!!!!

  • Peylo Sandlin 4 months ago

    It should be 3-3

  • Nastasa Andrei 4 months ago

    Gentleman Jack everything you know that can

  • The ParusianKing 4 months ago

    I`m going to check every single urinal…

  • Param Patil 4 months ago

    10 billion view sqaud

  • Jenna Klein 4 months ago

    Hellllooooo pat and Jen I was just wondering,what do you use to play on,do you guys use a laptop,a gaming computer or something else?

    And if you can pls can you give me a shoutout for my channel I do painting and I also wanted to say I’m a huge fan of yours,you guys always make me laugh and I watch ur vids ever day! Love you guys😊

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