• PopularMMOs 7 months ago

    Enjoy the vid guys!! I will be replying to a bunch of you!

  • pedro lopez 7 months ago

    I subscribed

  • Rainbow Gamer 7 months ago

    “Goldfish don’t have butts!” ~Pat

    Me: Um… I have seen my goldfish poop MULTIPLE times, and he didn’t poop out of his mouth.

  • Stumpyplayz 2 7 months ago

    U walked passed the coal LOL

  • Mike Garcia 7 months ago


  • logang lover 7 months ago


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  • SAVAGE GAMER 7 months ago

    am new YouTuber am playing cool Minecraft try my videos

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    i subed

  • edwin garcia 7 months ago


  • Alex Awesome 7 months ago

    He could of stacked up with the wood

  • Jordan Gibb 7 months ago

    1:14 WHAT DID YOU SAY?

  • I can’t find captains Seagulls buttons 4. Can someone help me?

  • Alex Awesome 7 months ago

    Pls play bedwars

  • Lolsplays YT 7 months ago

    The Jen in the thumbnail is in the David and the 1000 chests

  • Andre 7 months ago

    You pass the Kohl’s it was right there you passed it

  • Fluffy Unicorn 7 months ago

    Hello, I am a really big fan

  • Inez Enriquez 7 months ago

    My little cousin Ralphie is a big fan of your videos I watched origin try to keep up on your videos and asked for a subscribe

  • Angela 7 months ago

    jen: “… so she grows up to be a beautiful woman shovel …”
    me: *dies of laughter* XDDDDDD

  • Boi4513 7 months ago

    Why does pat let jen cheat thats bullshit

  • Tony Mc Gowan 7 months ago

    pat is stupied very stupeid

  • sis with Cupcakes 7 months ago

    hi pat your so cool

  • sis with Cupcakes 7 months ago

    and jen

  • ICY Productions 7 months ago


  • Mary Baldauf 7 months ago

    WAIT YOU TWO HAVE FORGOT TWO IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST THING:Spookay SECOND THING:When you do your intro you forgot to say ah I hope you now remember like for pat and Jen to see

  • shark boy humaid 7 months ago

    Twin washing your YouTube channel for almost 6 years

  • John Paul Aman 7 months ago

    Heelooooo I love your video😊😊😊😊

  • thao le 7 months ago

    Hi pat

  • gtuplays 7 months ago

    Did anyone here jen says shout out to cheif pat now if you play clash royale you will actually understand what im saying

  • Muci771 7 months ago

    I love minecraft pc

  • Maureen Byrne 7 months ago

    Do a fort challenge

  • Wahyudi Pranata 7 months ago

    Wheres ep 4

  • Toy Chica Limbaga the cheeky chick 7 months ago

    How many do you have one were done


  • Noelle Sung 7 months ago

    Wheres no.4

  • Hammer Head1507 7 months ago

    In the volcano you were so dumb

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