• The Average 1 week ago

    But he not a hater nor noob

  • Kuba Sarniak 1 week ago

    Thats star power

  • Damian Dawson 1 week ago


  • Damian Dawson 1 week ago


  • MiPepperoni 1 week ago

    can you stop using red arrows in thumbnails please? ty

  • Seth Drope 1 week ago

    If you slow it down to half they all sound and ack drunk

  • Son Goku 1 week ago

    you guys should do a yugioh themed, a power rangers theme, and a dragon ball theme

  • rakhatama darmoni 1 week ago

    Trap idea for survivor spiderman:give you the abillity for to climb wall fast and fast speed

  • MLG _MJ 1 week ago

    I always wanted to port-a-fort a port-a-fort a port-a-fort a port-a-fort

  • Ichigo Kurosaki 1 week ago

    That zoey imagination was so cringe

  • TSTS 383 1 week ago

    Bring back crainer

  • Dwayne Ford 1 week ago

    Tell kehaan to do smash Bros

  • Carl Vincent Ortiz 1 week ago

    Luv the murder run ! Keep it up

  • Mel M Mathews 1 week ago

    i dont like cringe

  • Mickel Animates 1 week ago

    where is crainer?

  • Frederik Elias Benedikt Gundorph Nielsen 1 week ago

    Hi zoey how did you come in to minecraft

  • HollowHaste 1 week ago

    I love murder run themes

  • Little Rebel 1 week ago

    perfect voice for that skin

  • Ben Garcia 1 week ago

    Do mortal kombat theme it would look cool😈😈

  • Ben Garcia 1 week ago

    Survivor trap=when they die they drop there stuff for another survivor to pick up

  • Goshe Dabuv 1 week ago


  • mariam 123 1 week ago


  • Josh Greenhill 1 week ago

    Not only will he not see me, he will be blinded!…

  • Noob GamerZ_YT 1 week ago


  • Ammar Syakir 1 week ago

    More the forest pls!!!!!! If you like this comment u like the video

  • Gertrude Lol 1 week ago

    Payday2 theme next week💪🏻

  • SomeAsianPerson 1 week ago

    ah ssundee has fallen to the fortnite hype

  • Zac Vicente 1 week ago

    Please play Fortnite with me
    Neme is Zacharywilb

  • BrentPlayz 21 1 week ago

    Why would anybody dislike this video?

  • Šhïmö Šhïnïgãmï 1 week ago

    Please do more fortnite videos!! Upload the new light color change like If you agree

  • Anthony Sinkler jr 1 week ago

    Star power lol

  • Traxal Playz 1 week ago

    Do Mickey Mouse murder run

  • Mindaugas Maciulevicius 1 week ago

    do skyfactory 5 plaese

  • MASON HAYNES 1 week ago

    ssundee friend me plz i have benn watchin you science age 6 at Mnmasonn

  • MASON HAYNES 1 week ago

    ian you whould never make it as a girl teen …..lol

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