• PopularMMOs 1 month ago

    Enjoy the video guys!!! Have a great night!

  • Randolf Simon Alejandro 1 month ago


  • Randolf Simon Alejandro 1 month ago

    I eat tuna

  • Ram Tabaquero 1 month ago

    The Fortunia OP axe looks like a Daedric war axe from Skyrim.

  • Karlmae11 1 month ago


  • Itz Me India x 1 month ago

    hi pat x ily and ur yt channle
    i subscibed-let me know if u are reading this. tell jen that she is rlly good at minecraft x ♥

  • Aaron Flare 1 month ago

    I watch big bang theory too bad for sheldon

  • Posy's channel 1 month ago

    First I thought it was called fortnite lucky block

  • Althea Nicole Piloneo 1 month ago

    so funny

  • Ma. Teresa Panza 1 month ago

    I love watching the big bang theory

  • Ma. Teresa Panza 1 month ago

    Also who thinks or though the fortunia boots were bacon?

  • Ma. Virginia Cesar 1 month ago

    Pls pat and jen play horror more pls

  • AyyOneGeeKay 1 month ago


  • Joi Gonzalez 1 month ago

    At first I thought they were fortnight lucky blocks. I was crying inside😰

  • Slenderboy 626 1 month ago

    -Pat 2018

  • Brian reyna 1 month ago

    When I saw this vid I na … see the world Fortnite I WATCHING THIS

  • Galaxy Gamer 27 1 month ago

    Luv you guys

  • Talis and Lily 1 month ago

    PopularMMOs 😂 LOLOLOLOLOLOLO STOP 🛑 MAKING ME laugh so hard hahahahahaggagagag

  • Bobby Badayos 1 month ago

    Battle Is On But Jen too strong cause of the helm the berry is not enough

  • Devin Gameing channel 1 month ago

    That the axe from Skyrim

  • Lachlan Wong 1 month ago


  • Lachlan Wong 1 month ago


  • Lachlan Wong 1 month ago

    Do you no dantdm

  • zDear GT 1 month ago

    Who also laughed at 11? 😂😂😂😂 shes soo funny

  • Rawan Alzahed 1 month ago

    U should make the ride longer and more fun

  • Kiara Chapman 1 month ago

    Patrick and Jennifer ;)💕✌🏼

  • me and you 1 month ago

    YOU GUYS!♡♡♡

  • gaille villanueva 1 month ago

    i thing the orage is big

  • Jayr Alfe 1 month ago

    Popularmmos uses arrows often

  • 1 sub per day challenge 1 month ago

    That moment that you knew your comment will drown I the sea of comments

  • shapieknande shapieknande 1 month ago

    Gooooooo Jen!!!!*♡

  • Deron Every 1 month ago

    18:59 #midshotair

  • Bradeyland 1 month ago

    All you have to do is /weather clear no need for the 1000000

  • Kitty 1 month ago

    I though it said Fortnite at first lol

  • Sierra Zamorano 1 month ago


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