• PopularMMOs 2 weeks ago

    Enjoy the vid guys!! I’ll be commenting to a bunch of you!

  • Ronnie Singh 2 weeks ago

    Hi Pat

  • JK TV 2 weeks ago


  • Michael Yaroson 2 weeks ago

    Bring back the explosive challenge games if you agree then hit the like button

  • Cobra Coonrod 2 weeks ago


  • Aarav Sethi 2 weeks ago

    I bet u 59 bucks pat wont see this

  • Trhees 2 weeks ago

    Who only likes watching them open the blocks not the battle idk why but I don’t like watching the fight like if you agree

  • alpha gamer 2 weeks ago

    pat you missed a block of emerald

  • Ellie Shaw 2 weeks ago

    I so happy Jen is back

  • Ellie Shaw 2 weeks ago

    Pat is correct if you haven’t seeent Popular MMOs or gamingwhith Jen you need to start life today by watching their vids!

  • Tylor Moss 2 weeks ago

    Pat I have an idea, if you get more beacons in one challenge game you can use that beacon in the next same with Dragon egg or nether star good Idea Yea?

  • Harrison Morgan 2 weeks ago

    Give it back jen

  • Milly Langman 2 weeks ago

    Pat and jen r the best YouTubers

    Like so pat can read this

  • alpha gamer 2 weeks ago

    and the lucky villager that gives you gapples

  • Dorjgotov Erdenechimeg 2 weeks ago

    I love you guys Pat and Gen

  • Gamer Dude 2 weeks ago

    Why u no take beacon from well lol

  • Charlie Powell skits 2 weeks ago


  • Kubilan Pasalan Gireada 2 weeks ago

    Pat should have told Jen he will give her the Beacon for a crafting table

  • Klara Jezkova 2 weeks ago

    im new pat and jen but i love your vids so bad!

  • Taryn Elizabeth Hargreaves 2 weeks ago

    Omg I soooooooo love you 😍😃😍😍

  • Freddie Bradley 2 weeks ago

    That axe rips off reinhardts hammer so bad

  • Taryn Elizabeth Hargreaves 2 weeks ago

    Jen he gave a unlucky

  • Starlio KK 2 weeks ago

    Pig on a stick xDD

  • ash greninja 2 weeks ago

    Yay plzz bring epic proportions plzzz

  • GinoGamesNL 2 weeks ago

    The star and becon where from you

  • Epic Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Pat if u remember u can get 10 enchanted for an crafting table and u got that structure with more crafting table.

  • Alain Salamandra 2 weeks ago

    Super intro

  • Bella Chez 2 weeks ago

    14:29 Pat forgot to say you hackin bro!

  • Reta Craft 2 weeks ago

    Oh great and powerfull jen tell us, what does our future hold😄

  • 松浦宏一 2 weeks ago

    pat u frogot to trade with the villigar

  • roman brooks 2 weeks ago

    Pat u didn’t trade the crafting table u even found one.

  • Sasho Spirovski 2 weeks ago

    i love the challenge games

  • Tamara Suhail 2 weeks ago

    I need more frost

    At 8:15 I peed my pants

  • Anne Mendoza 2 weeks ago

    I subscribed and turned on notifications.

  • Nicoblue312 :D 2 weeks ago

    These haven’t changed in 3 years lol

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