• XxdeathstridexX 1 week ago

    Plz like this comment for no reason 😀

  • Jeff Harris 1 week ago

    I love your vids but this is my dad acc so i can’t sub 🙁

  • LanceThePlayer 1 week ago

    26:56 Jen The Savage xD

  • Jamie Moore 1 week ago

    Pat to get beacons from wells, place block on water getting rid of it then gather the iron then open the block, poof no wet beacon.

  • Rovin Belen 1 week ago


  • Jamie Moore 1 week ago

    You should invite Ssundee and MrCrainer to do challenge games with you

  • Jamie Moore 1 week ago

    And if you want cool custom blocks, just call Kehaan, ask Ssundee

  • Relatable 232 1 week ago

    6:49 I knew something bad would happen when Jen told Pat to stand next her “super lucky block” when she was going to open it. I was surprised he actually believed her 😂

  • Ray Seyer 1 week ago


  • shearece love 1 week ago

    Love ur vidz I’m really late watching these sorrrrry🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • Maliyah Sanders 1 week ago

    Please make it tomorrow please don’t let down I think I’m losing my mind now it in my head please I hope that you be here when we need you the most (please oh and also some are fnaf*five nights a freedy’s and tattletail )love vids

  • Ventcent Soc 1 week ago

    I’m going to get the book

  • Emanuel Matkovic 1 week ago

    you guys made me so happy ,could you do epic proportions season 10 plz!
    I will be sooo happy

  • davin yamson 1 week ago

    how do you have damage indicator

  • Katrinah Reisener 1 week ago

    U guys should of did the jen lucky block😢😢

  • Katrinah Reisener 1 week ago

    FuriousDetroyer wad killed trying to hurt PAT😂😂lol

  • Mia Olguin 1 week ago

    I like cheese 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀

  • Just Cosmic 1 week ago

    #BACKFIRED 18:26

  • Rene Angelo Villanueva 1 week ago

    pls do a Mob Battle.
    Evil Jen vs Evil Bodybuilder Pat

  • Adrielle Irish Tan 1 week ago

    friend me please

  • Adrielle Irish Tan 1 week ago

    and play roblox my name is TheProStunner1 in roblox

  • Unicorn MSP 1 week ago

    23:00 Jens laugh tho 😂

  • Yellow Mmph 1 week ago


  • TKC72 Gaming 1 week ago

    You are so funny

  • Tenzin Norbu 1 week ago

    you guys rock like this comment you think that they are awesome and to keep up with the work

  • TKC72 Gaming 1 week ago

    Put a challenge game on jen chanall

  • Tenzin Norbu 1 week ago

    my birthday was yesterday please like

  • TKC72 Gaming 1 week ago

    1:)=a happy day

  • Arnulfo Andales 1 week ago

    How much is the boss

  • Shahnewaz Kabir 1 week ago

    Who else is fasting

  • Isabella Johnson 1 week ago

    I love the evil Jen and Jens sound😂😂😂

  • The Outdoor Maniacs 1 week ago

    He said “I took my clothes off so Jen could see me get dressed”

  • Google my eyes 1 week ago


  • Diane Rinker 1 week ago

    you guys should put up a rule that you can say “Find me” and the other player has to find them and if they don’t in 1 minute they have to give you something good.

  • alfredjainne regalado 1 week ago

    Pat almost have 15 million subscribers 400.000 more!

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