• Halo Gaming 9 months ago

    these are not glitches

  • xd King 9 months ago

    I like your videos and but I hate you.

  • Michael Mclellan 9 months ago

    God ur fov gives me aids

  • Lord of all Leonards 9 months ago

    you are irrataiting

  • Minecraft lgirl 9 months ago

    You so funny

  • Noah Kahraman 9 months ago


  • Danatron 678 9 months ago

    Cringe meter 490000000 out of 12

  • steficorn 9 months ago

    when he accidently kills the mule 😂

  • Adrian Martinez Dorsett 9 months ago

    7,700 with my like ( I feel important, don’t crush my dreams please) JOKE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChewyGummyWolf Gummy Wolves 9 months ago

    That’s not a glitch it gave you jump boost

  • XxLigitnessGamingxX 9 months ago

    When you jumped it made the ender pearl go super high

  • Lalo Riyes 9 months ago

    Dude animal abuse why did you kill the donkey it never did nothing to you 😡

  • Dc_ITop Gaming 9 months ago

    5:40 when you jump

  • Hailey Sisler 9 months ago

    I admire your enthusiasm

  • The roman gamer 9 months ago

    The reason you go super high with the ender pearl is because when you jump you hit the ender pearl and you teleport a small bit a head of you but insanely fast and the momentum throws you really high

  • Kyle playz games 9 months ago

    Actually not every one can have this because it’s computer 💻 (some people can’t have computer) 🙁 ): ☹️

  • Corny TV 9 months ago


  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Brooklyn angene 9 months ago

    You’re so cool

  • Carpoolparty 9 months ago

    What texture pack is he using to get rid of the lines in glass? I’ve always wanted to know that.

  • Slenderzan Gaming 9 months ago

    in the first level he has jump boost its not a glitch you can look for yourself its a fake map

  • Lafti pantz 9 months ago

    How do you download the map?

  • The magic White Rabbit 9 months ago

    Dupo noo!

  • Cannonfish 9 months ago

    the first one wasn’t a glitch the boots gave you jump boost

  • Anthony Helton 9 months ago

    Heres my channel -) #anthonyhelton thats my channel

  • Jonah Bernal 9 months ago

    The Enderpearl Is Actually Really Simple!! When You Jump Throw The E Pearl And Then When It Hits You you Go The Direction The Pearl Is Going!!!

  • haydog 42 9 months ago

    The couch on the cellular level was when you took out third ender pearl there was something under the ender pearl in the chest once you shut the chest and get out it disappeared and it’s like light blue and pink so you can’t really see it that good

  • Clawretta 001 9 months ago

    Omg brendon!?!??! XD

  • MotoKoko 9 months ago

    mojang probably uses these maps to find bugs

  • Amro Khaled 9 months ago

    It’s because you throughly the ended pearl while you are jumping

  • blackninja gameplay 9 months ago

    can any one subscribe to me at /blackninja gameplay it well make me very happy 🙂

  • DanTIM TheIronMineCart//:IRONMINE 9 months ago

    Hm… I Think The EnderPearl One Is… When The Enderpearl Is Way To Far To The Player Who Threw It It Will Triger The Pearl.

  • Rocky 9 months ago

    When there is a reset button in chat but he have to reset the map

    Silly Tyler

  • xavbro/ JayJay 9 months ago

    Why did u make a channel called dotZIP

  • Mason Frykman 9 months ago

    0:29 When he jumped out it scared me *SO BAD!*

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