• Daryl Sheneman 6 days ago


  • Godly 12yt 6 days ago

    Dyery Queen

  • Birdstar 6 days ago

    Queen Dye-ana

  • Brax10 5 days ago

    You forgot buttons

  • John Root 5 days ago

    Princess DYEanna.

  • MCPE-Pokemon Entertainment 5 days ago

    False Nickname: Color Queen

  • Nahtanha Rogers 5 days ago

    Have you been making the 1.13 wood buttons? I don’t think I’ve seen you do them yet

  • Wilfred M, Kereru 5 days ago

    Turtle man
    And wonder woman
    Because false wonders off all the time

  • Mr. Wicked 5 days ago

    barkless logs of each tree. and buttons and trap doors of each.

  • Let's plAySMR 5 days ago

    Die lady lol

  • OwenWusHere 5 days ago

    Color Woman?

  • MyrandaMiller91 5 days ago

    False can be Rainbow Lady!

  • Nelson Brum 5 days ago

    Princess Dye!

  • red trix137 5 days ago

    The sunken ship contains a lot of looth. Saw it on other hermit’s….Be sure to check it out.

  • OrigamiMarie 5 days ago

    I like how the end cards know that the video end is coming before the players do. Kind of a strange effect, but it makes perfect sense why it happens.

  • Vikitor Borisov 5 days ago

    In the savanah dehind the big hill there is village

  • Cr42yguy 5 days ago

    Lady Dye of course.

  • JDupree3 5 days ago

    Princess Dye-ana

  • Daniel Allen 5 days ago

    Should have 2 people head out resource hunting then have one stay back and craft all items and place them in the monument. It would be more efficient and you would be less likely to keep placing the same items over and over.

  • Brad Haupt 5 days ago

    You could build a base with all your mismatch leftover items

  • Jango 5 days ago

    Princess Dye-ana

  • Lepidolite Mica 5 days ago

    I got your nickname right here: The Dye-namo.

  • Samuel Hulte'n 5 days ago

    What is your seed?

  • Silas Re 5 days ago

    This would be incredibly fun in modded 😂

  • SDWNJ 5 days ago

    Princess Dye?

  • Kepler Teddy 5 days ago

    Are you using 18w20a? That version makes jungles less dense and laggy!

  • TJPlaysNow 5 days ago

    4:24 is there or is there not a flying squid?? Haha

  • bluemario8 5 days ago

    Use vines to make mossy cobble and other varients never mind

  • WolvesbaneNetwork 5 days ago

    Lady dye has a nice ring to it. Like a James bond villain

  • goawayyootoob dontwanttousemyfullname 5 days ago

    Come on guys, watching you collect items? Really? That’s so boring. It’s a total waste of time and I am 100% going to do it.

  • mith guy 5 days ago


  • Morindil Hrívanar 5 days ago

    false could be lady dye ^^

  • Doryan Grom Dizdarevic 5 days ago

    You never made a fencegate

  • Oliver Thomas 4 days ago

    Change you channel name to “Turtle Man”

  • Prathmesh Shukla 4 days ago


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