• Sarai Ramirez 1 week ago

    Get well soon ❤️💗

  • Cvo2 _TheGreenWolf 1 week ago

    Ty for help me to future mz big house more

  • Ashton A 1 week ago

    You already made a hot tub and a working one

  • Sydney Waves 1 week ago

    Get well Ricky! I watched your live stream Zai made something awesome for you!!!!!! Love ❤️ you!!!!!!!

  • Nicolas so cool chad 1 week ago

    😃😃😲😲 hey bro thes is cool 100

  • Pink Fox Fun 1 week ago

    Every video makes my world more interesting to explore! Thanks a lot!!

  • Wadalemoawn Yt 1 week ago

    Looks like a coconut

  • latanya Iverson 1 week ago

    hey ricky

  • A&C squad Pranks 1 week ago

    I️ though u was sick

  • Sofia Khanzadeh 1 week ago

    Feel beter ricky

  • Artefact YT 1 week ago

    I did not get it yet 😭

  • Rhian Owen 1 week ago

    Get well soon Ricky

  • Mary Kate Smith 1 week ago

    Get well soon

  • Victoria Ng 1 week ago

    Get well soon! I hope you feel better!

  • Rocio Lopez 1 week ago

    Get well soon Ricky! We <3 you!

  • Rosie Paz 1 week ago


  • Fancy Android 1 week ago

    Does this work in MCPE As wel

  • RJ vlogs Q. 1 week ago


  • Kathrine Compton 1 week ago

    Love you Ricky hop you feel better soon:)❤

  • Marcia Shultis 1 week ago

    Cool thx

  • Marcia Shultis 1 week ago

    Get well soon

  • Melissa Wilson-smith 1 week ago

    Get well soon Ricky 😀😎😎🙂😝

  • Spa rabbit's Universe 1 week ago

    Nooooooooo oooooooooooo ooooooooooo! I don’t have spruce doors… oh wait, I do. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Herbert Carey 1 week ago

    LOVE it

  • 조대근 1 week ago

    It’s very easy!!!!

  • Trinity Wasson 1 week ago


  • Loftis Family 1 week ago

    Can I get a shout-out please. I’m going on vacation 6 days.

  • Bennett Jensen 1 week ago

    Get better soon

  • XxAC3 Gaming 1 week ago

    Biggs87x im your super biggest fan can you make a tuitorial how ta make a secret base pls

  • Eddy Ulloa 1 week ago

    Awesome Ricky

  • MR. Heart Hacker 1 week ago

    Wooow very simple

  • blbecek 039 1 week ago

    Or you can just set a command Block that Will spawn bubbles 😀

  • OmegaRB 1 week ago

    amazing the best builder of minecraft is him dude keep up the good work

  • Daisy Webb 1 week ago

    get well soon you are a survivor you will make it!! (me being overly dramatic XD ) btw great job!

  • Yasss Zai rocks And #touch butt 1 week ago

    get well soon

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