• daniel soussan 8 months ago

    play hide and seekin the city mod

  • AA MakeUp and More 8 months ago

    You shouldn’t said that poor people that there are in the flooded world

  • Doraemon Philippines Official 8 months ago

    How can you build Jen’s House to other maps?

  • Christopher Christopher 8 months ago

    Pat,when is the crafting dead coming?

  • Z LightningWolf 8 months ago

    Do not like this comment

  • Z LightningWolf 8 months ago

    I don’t want likes so

  • Z LightningWolf 8 months ago

    Like: nothing
    Subscribe: nothing
    Ignore: you see other comments that have a use because this one doesn’t

  • AQUA X 8 months ago

    poplarmmos pls play roblox or play the blocking dead but this time with jen or play bedwars

  • RealQuick4 YT 8 months ago

    play roblox

  • Ssia Xoxo 8 months ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I hate ads
    And so do you

  • Emily Ridpath 8 months ago

    i subscribed and I also love your videos

  • Norman Leaupepe 8 months ago

    but i dont have one

  • The Dusty Controller 8 months ago

    7:03 anyone getting Big Smokes warehouse vibes

  • Fantastic Forever Videos 8 months ago

    more expkore plss

  • Subscriber challenge with no videos 8 months ago


  • ja ja the king 8 months ago

    Where’s Mario kart in minecraft

  • Lxandom 8 months ago


  • Jayden Paolo Santiago 8 months ago


  • ćringe msp 8 months ago

    You guys should play minecraft pe

  • marwan maro 8 months ago


  • marwan maro 8 months ago


  • Jolene Lee 8 months ago

    Make a lets play

  • Will Blake 8 months ago


  • Jess Frost 8 months ago

    At 10:37 you’re standing right under a meteor crater

  • ForeverAlone Memelord 8 months ago

    If Minecraft is your city, England will be mine.

  • Ꮬ ΧΕΝΘΜΕΧ Ꮬ 8 months ago

    Minecraft is your city but
    England is my city

  • opallam 8 months ago

    Pat,plz play try to not criggle

  • Marilyn Dabu 8 months ago

    fat jen

  • Jen and Pat are hilarious like if you agree
    Jen and pat are the best youtubers sub (to them) if you agree
    Jen and pat are gonna hit 15mill SUBSCRIBE EVERYONE

  • Cool Gamer 8 months ago

    Hey guys u r awesome can u please try the mode where u can go to the moon and other planets love u guys

  • MidNightWolf 8 months ago

    Love you pat and Jen!!!!

  • I’m so sorry

    *Minecraft is my cit-t-t-TOWN!*

  • Brian Livingston 8 months ago


  • ShmooglePuff Cat 8 months ago

    i love you pat an jen!!!

  • adante flaris 8 months ago

    Pat do another series and use that city mod and other kind of mod

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